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Electrical and Power Electronic Equipment

Neo Power Electronics & Projects is an innovative company based in Mumbai, India that works in the field of power electronics and electrics with turnkey project execution capabilities.

220 P.N.Kothari Industrial Estate,
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Neo Power Electronics & Projects is an innovative company based in Mumbai, India, that works in the field of power electronics and electrics with turnkey project execution capabilities.

Our scope covers the design, manufacture and supply of electrical and power electronic equipment and products like submarine battery chargers, submarine battery dischargers, float-cum-boost chargers, sick cell chargers, warships generator testing loadbanks, motor control centres (MCCs), power control centre (PCC) panels and test beds for utility motors, which cater to naval applications for marine establishments worldwide.

Submarine battery commissioning plants

One of Neo Power Electronics’ major areas of expertise is setting up submarine battery commissioning plants (fixed facility), which comprise the following:

  • Electrolyte preparation and transfer plant
  • Hydrogen monitoring system
  • Fume extraction and recycling system
  • DM water plant
  • Chilled water plant
  • Air compressor system
  • Submarine battery cooling system
  • Submarine battery commissioning and maintenance charger
  • Single-cell maintenance system comprising sick cell charger, float-cum-boost charger and trickle charger

We also supply systems for shore support facilities for submarines and warships, which comprise the following:

875kW, 380V and 3,500Amps DC mobile submarine battery charger.
Single-cell submarine DC trickle charger 380V, 50Amps.
DC discharge loadbank for submarine propulsion battery 300V, 925Amps.
Station battery charging panel 550V DC, 3,200Amps.
500kW/1MW 380V to 440V AC generator testing loadbank.
Mobile HP air compressor for shore support of EKM submarine.
MCC/PCC distribution panels.
Fume extraction systems for submarine battery commissioning facility.
  • Mobile submarine battery charger and discharger
  • DC source 380V to 500V for the utilities when submarines are berthed at jetties
  • Mobile chiller plants
  • Mobile high-pressure compressors

Neo Power Electronics’ strong competence in power electronics has made the company a pioneer in technology related to battery chargers, dischargers and loadbanks.

Submarine battery charger

Neo Power Electronics manufactures six-pulse and 1a2-pulse thyristor-based battery chargers for commissioning and maintenance process of submarine batteries for DC voltage of 380V to 550V and DC current from 100amps to 4,500amps at 660KW to 875KW charging capacity.

We also manufacture trickle chargers, float-cum-boost chargers and sick cell chargers for rectification of single cells. These equipments are used primarily in propulsion batteries of Russian Kilo Class and French Scorpene class submarines, among others.

Submarine battery discharger

Neo Electronics designs and manufactures submarine battery discharging load banks for discharge batteries in constant current, constant voltage and constant power modes, for ratings ranging between 380V to 500V, and a discharging current from 100Amps to 4,000Amps.

Generator testing loadbanks

We supply AC/DC generator-testing mobile loadbanks ranging from 250kW to 3MW with a step load application between 1kW to 3MW. The loadbanks are manufactured for resistive and reactive application. The testing can be done at unity and 0.8 power factor for frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz, and generators ranging from 380V to 440V AC. Another special feature is the testing (M-Load) application conducted from 0.1 to 0.4 power factor, which is required for generator testing onboard warships or air craft carriers, and can also be manufactured according to a client’s requirements.

Frequency converters

Frequency converters of 50/60Hz to 400Hz used in applications of weapon systems, gyro and radar systems mainly onboard ships and also in naval radar and navigation schools are supplied by Neo Power Electronics.

Electrical test facilities

Every naval establishment requires an electrical repair shop and test facility for various motors and electrical components. Neo Power provides a complete electrical and electronic repair and test facility from PCBs to HT equipments used in naval applications.

We have supplied and installed a complete electrical repair shop for submarine electrical utility equipment and electronic systems at Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. (India).

Turnkey projects

Neo Power also executes turnkey-based projects for facilities such as submarine battery commissioning facilities, electroplating and chemical cleaning facilities.

In addition to these main facilities:

  • Neo Power Electronics can also supply EKM Kilo Class Submarine Propulsion Batteries EKM 204 battery type
  • Provides consultation and services for commissioning Submarine Batteries
  • Also offers engineering maintenance services for Submarine Battery Commissioning Facility as per required quality standards


Neo Power Electronics & Projects Private Limited
220 P.N.Kothari Industrial Estate
L.B.S. Marg, Bhandup (West)
Mumbai, Pincode - 400078

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