Fassmer Defence designs and manufactures high-end ships, boats and specialised outfitting to German / international navies, coastguards and security forces.

The company has an innovative in-house design and engineering team, modern production facilities, as well as a worldwide service network.

Shipbuilding solutions for naval applications

Fassmer Defence has a wide range of patrol and auxiliary vessels for navies and coastguards. These range from 20m fast interceptors to 95m offshore patrol vessels (OPVs).

Standardised design portfolios are provided to meet demanding vessel requirements. This enables short delivery times and high-performance.

Fassmer Defence provides innovative vessels for international navies, coastguards and security services.
The company offers shipbuilding solutions that meet the challenging requirements of modern naval applications.
Fassmer has a range of state-of-the-art patrol and auxiliary vehicles for maritime operations.

Fassmer has strong expertise in the design and construction of coastal patrol vessels, interceptors, search-and-rescue boats, as well as hydrographic, oceanographic and research ships.

The company has developed offshore and escort vessels for towing, training and support, while it engineers liquefied natural gas (LNG), ice-class and Polar ships.

Fassmer assists customers in building vessels worldwide through well-established methods that minimise risk. Current packages include:

  • Building a Fassmer design under licence
  • Constructing a Fassmer design under a technology transfer programme, including design, materials and technical support
  • Building in partnership

Boatbuilding for defence and security

Fassmer is a world leader in the design and building of rescue vessels, lifeboats, tender boats and models for special operations.

The in-house engineering and production department guarantees state-of-the-art boats with outstanding performance and quality to fulfil mission needs. Fassmer vessels are produced according to Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations.

The company’s portfolio includes several types of military / fast rescue, maritime interdiction, special forces and self-enclosed naval lifeboats.

Specialised naval outfitting equipment

Fassmer Defence offers specialised outfitting equipment for defence and security applications. The company has strong deck equipment and composite materials expertise, offering standardised and tailored naval outfitting solutions.

Navy vessel access systems, specialised davits, boat stern launching / recovery units and lightweight railings are part of Fassmer’s product line. The company also develops lightweight flight deck safety nets, composite structures such as masts and domes, as well as modular helidecks.

About Fassmer

Established in 1850, Fassmer is a dynamic, privately owned company that delivers high-quality vessels, designed and built at modern facilities along the river Weser in north-west Germany.

Advanced engineering capabilities help the company develop flexible partnerships with businesses in order to create low-risk solutions for domestic shipbuilding.

Based in Berne, Germany, Fassmer has 1,100 employees and 55,000m2 of heated workshops. The company’s facilities are certified to Deutsches Institut fur Normung (DIN) EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.