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High-Performance Valves and Valve Systems

Hale Hamilton is part of the Flow Technologies business of Circor International. Since 1947 the company has designed, developed, manufactured, supplied and supported high-performance valves and valve systems.

Hale Hamilton is part of the Flow Technologies business of Circor International, Inc. Since 1947, the Company has designed, developed, manufactured, supplied and supported high performance valves and valve systems.

Pressure and flow control valves for the defence industry

Hale Hamilton’s products perform under critical conditions of pressure, flow and cleanliness and satisfy the demanding technical requirements of defence customers worldwide. Hale Hamilton is ISO9001:2008 compliant.

As a design authority, the Company’s principal asset is the knowledge, experience and commitment of its staff. Through their expertise, Hale Hamilton provide a comprehensive package of products, systems and associated support services, all competitively priced to the quality levels required by the defence industry. The Company also provide full documentation, spare parts and engineering support.

Valves and systems for naval ships and submarines

Hale Hamilton’s primary strength is in the provision of valves and systems used on naval ships and submarines worldwide for the storage, distribution and application of compressed air, nitrogen and oxygen. The valves typically operate at supply pressures from 6,000psi (~414bar) down to below 100psi (~7bar).

Hale Hamilton's greatest strength is the knowledge, experience and commitment of its staff.
Hale Hamilton's N2GO nitrogen portable charging unit (PCU) is used to top-up aircraft tyre pressures and charge aircraft suspension struts and hydraulic accumulators.
Hale Hamilton's sequencing manifold is used in Babcock's submerged signal ejector.
The SMART H.I.S controller is used in submarine escape systems.
Hale Hamilton's autocharge systems can be used to charge emergency breathing cylinders.

Pressure reducing stations and manifolds

Hale Hamilton provide pressure reducing stations and manifolds, which are specifically designed to safely reduce high pressure gases and fluids down in pressure for use in lower pressure applications.

Other Hale Hamilton products include:

  • Panels,
  • Valve chests,
  • Bottle / cylinder adaptors,
  • Stop / isolation valves
  • Non-return / check valves
  • Back pressure maintaining valves
  • Safety/ pressure relief valves
  • Pressure regulators
  • Electrically and pneumatically actuated valves
  • Filters
  • Pressure gauges

Pipe couplings and adaptors are also supplied to service all on board air and hydraulic systems.

Typical applications for Hale Hamilton products include:

  • Ballast tank blow
  • Bottle storage (bottle/ cylinder group isolation)
  • Breathing air and diving air systems
  • Diesel engine starting air
  • Diesel generator starting air
  • Emergency breathing air
  • Escape systems
  • Gas turbine starting air
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Pressure hull fluid transfer
  • Signal ejection systems
  • Torpedo launch systems
  • Weapons discharge systems
  • Weapons handling systems
  • High to low pressure air supply, and many other specialist pressure systems

Professionally engineered defence solutions

The importance of the defence industry means Hale Hamilton provide professionally engineered solutions, which are project managed from inception to delivery. The Company’s solutions are manufactured and tested in-house to strict customer controlled, international quality assurance standards, with equipment supported and developed throughout the life of each customers’ application.

Hale Hamilton offer a full design and development service for specialist pressure system requirements, where a high level of project definition and project management is required. Complete client confidentiality is assured.

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  • High-Performance Fluid Control Equipment

    Hale Hamilton is a leader in the design, manufacture, supply and support of high performance fluid control equipment, designed to perform under critical conditions of pressure and cleanliness, to satisfy demanding technical requirements worldwide.

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