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Rugged LCD Screens for Military and Marine Environments

Aydin Displays designs and manufactures rugged displays built with quality, reliability and commitment that create long-term solutions for our customers.



Rugged display

Aydin Displays designs and manufactures rugged display screens built with quality, reliability and commitment that create long-term solutions for customers.

The firm is a leading provider in display manufacturing technology, servicing the industrial, military and air traffic control industries.

Shock-proof flatscreen displays for military use

Aydin offers a variety of industrial displays, rugged military / commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) flat panel displays, military and industrial panel PC workstations, and air traffic control displays, ranging in size from 8.4in to 65in. These are available with numerous mounting options.

Aydin's customised industrial displays range from 8.41in to 65in. The company has installed more than 300,000 displays units through government contracts
The 8819 multi-application display is designed to be used in severe environments. It has a rugged design and a thickness depth of only 3in.
Aydin rugged camera systems are manufactured to military standards, when it comes to vibration, shock and extra military instruction (EMI).

Many of the firm’s products comply with shock, vibration and EMI Military standards, and can be customised to include options such as integrated touchscreens.

Processing information is vital in maintaining stability in harsh military and industrial environments. With more than 47 years of experience manufacturing high-quality, high-reliability displays, the company understands the specific requirements of long life cycle, customer support, and demanding image fidelity unique to rugged environments.

Collectively, Aydin has installed more than 300,000 display units in its ongoing support of many government contracts, including the US Navy’s CDS programme.

Aydin is certified AS9100C for its quality management system (QMS). This certification verifies that the company’s processes related to design and manufacture have met or exceeded the required standard, that all products will have both quality and traceability, and that all processes and procedures used are documented. This results in consistency and value.

High-performance displays to operate in severe conditions

The 8819 multi-application display is designed for high-performance in a variety of severe environments, including track and wheeled vehicles, fixed-wing jets, propeller, helicopter, and all naval applications.

The display is built to comply with the most stringent military requirements, such as DO-160D, MIL-STD-810G, and MIL-S-901D Grade A.

It is a totally sealed unit, and has no internal moving parts. Its default resolution is 1280×1024, with a contrast ratio of 2000:1. Standard inputs include RGB and DVI-D, with options for NTSC, HDMI and HD-SDI inputs.

The 8819 also has a completely rugged design in a thickness depth of just 3in.

LCD displays for harsh marine environments

The Omega Series is designed for use in harsh marine environments, including salt air, vibration, shock, thermal variations and varying light levels.

The US-made products are designed to meet all applicable international standards, including IEC60945, IACS-UR-E10, with ABS type approval and include automatic switching between AC and DC versions, with or without touchscreens, and support multiple inputs.

Aydin vice-president of business development Craig Armstrong said: "The application of these products is something we have been doing successfully for many years with the US Navy and other government maritime agencies."

Aydin manufactures ECDIS-N certified products for the US Navy, meaning the firm also has the internal expertise to do the same for commercial products on a global basis.

Electronic chart displays for navies

The maritime industry is in the process of a global shift to incorporate electronic chart display and information system hardware and software as the primary navigation systems on board most commercial vessels, in lieu of paper charts.

In the US, regulations and subsequent mandated compliance procedures are in the formative stages. The vast majority of existing display systems on-board ships will need to be replaced or upgraded over the next few years.

Due to the fact that most international ocean-going vessels are constructed in foreign yards, and the compliance regulations have already been adopted and mandated by most nations, the availability of compliant electronic hardware and software is also from non-US sources.

Aydin is uniquely positioned to become a leading supplier of these types of products designed, built, supported and serviced in the US.

Camera systems for naval shipboard requirements

Aydin supplies rugged camera systems for naval shipboard requirements. These cameras meet military standards for shock, vibration, and extra military instruction (EMI).

Features include auto / manual focus, and 28x pan, tilt, and zoom at 720pxd 1080px HD resolution. The camera is pedestal-mounted and includes a handheld remote control unit.