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Navigation, Imaging and Positioning Solutions for Maritime Applications

iXBlue is a leading provider of navigation, imaging and positioning solutions for first-rank ships, submarines and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV).

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iXBlue is a leading provider of navigation, imaging and positioning solutions for first-rank ships, submarines and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) to the world’s navies.

Ship navigation and control

iXBlue specialises in producing highly accurate navigation and control systems for maritime environments. The company’s range of four gyrocompasses and inertial navigation systems include:

  • QUADRANS is a fully strapdown fibre-optic gyrocompass and attitude heading reference system that combines fast rate and time-stamping technology in a low weight and compact design, as well as simple integration, to suit multiple naval platforms
  • OCTANS is a solid-state strapdown gyrocompass and motion sensor, based on fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG) technology, which deploys a six-axis motion sensor to produce highly accurate data for surface vessel applications.
  • HYDRINS is a high-performance inertial navigation system (INS) optimised for hydrographic survey using multibeam echosounders that records detailed data for post-processing on DELPH INS software
  • PHINS is an inertial navigation system providing position, true heading, attitude, speed, depth and heave information, with compatibility on doppler velocity log (DVL) and unmanned underwater vehicles (UAV)

Military standard inertial navigation systems

iXBlue’s MARINS naval inertial navigation system is designed to provide navies worldwide with more accurate readings than conventional systems. The INS has proven itself so durable and reliable that it has gained space-quality grading standards.

The company’s global electronic chart display and information systems (GECDIS) are produced in three variations: the GECDIS-C, GECDIS-W and GECDIS-ST. iXBlue’s GECDIS solutions comply with the latest IMO, IEC and IHO regulations. All systems monitor, process and display all information available to provide the navigator with the most up-to-date layout of the vessel’s navigation environment.

The ECHOES series of sub-bottom profilers are full-feature survey tools.
The PHINS 6000 subsea inertial navigation system is easy-to-install and ready-to-use for simple, precise navigation.
RAMSES is an acoustic synthetic baseline positioning system for simple real-time sparse array subsea navigation.
POSIDONIA II is a USBL acoustic positioning system for ultra–long range tracking of subsea vehicles.
iXBlue's navigation systems have been deployed by navies worldwide.
iXBlue's SAMS side-scan sonar can be integrated on AUV platforms.
iXBlue's DELPH software suite interprets marine data.
iXBLUE’s naval inertial navigation system is designed to provide vessels with more accurate readings than conventional systems.
iXBlue’s pan and tilt platforms use real-time data to provide accurate results for land and sea applications.
The SAMS side-scan sonar allows navigators to go to depths of 6,000m.

Subsea navigation and positioning

iXBlue’s subsea navigation systems are reliable and possess high connectivity to help navigators accurately plot the landscape. For naval vessels where space is a premium, the OCTAN NANO 4,000m depth-rated attitude and heading reference system (AHRS), complete with titanium housing, remains well-suited to the challenging subsea environment.

The OCTANS 3,000m-depth subsea survey-grade gyrocompass and complete motion sensor can efficiently and accurately collect navigational data. It can even be upgraded to full INS mode.

ROVINS is a survey-grade full featured inertial navigation system suitable for water depths of 3,000m. Designed specifically for offshore survey and construction works, ROVINS improves the efficiency of all operations where accurate position, heading and attitude are key benefits.

The PHINS 6000 subsea inertial navigation system (INS) provides highly accurate inertial measurement units for position, true heading, attitude, speed, depth, and heave for deepwater operations.

Ultra-short baseline positioning system

iXBlue’s high-performance ultra-short baseline (USBL) positioning systems provide accurate positioning and tracking of subsea vehicles and objects. The iXBlue Fourth Generation GAPS USBL system features a compact and all-in-one design for both portable and permanent installations.

POSIDONIA II is an ultra-short baseline (USBL) acoustic positioning system for high-accuracy and ultra-long range tracking of subsea vehicles. It offers enhanced performance with a new electronic cabinet (USBL-Box), including the most recent iXBlue acoustic signal processing and full compatibility with RAMSES 6000 synthetic baseline positioning system.

Synthetic long baseline positioning systems

iXBlue’s two variations of long base line (LBL) positioning systems are cost-effective and time-saving systems. The RAMSES system can be quickly deployed and requires no topside computer or umbilical accessories for immediate and simplified mobilisation.

The ComMet requires no line-of-sight for its acoustics, making it particularly tolerant to masking. This versatility, combined with the additional extensive range of sub-components, makes it a suitable choice for general navigational purposes.

Acoustic transponders

iXBlue’s range of low-frequency, medium-frequency and acoustic telecommand units of acoustic transponders are flexible, high-performance and energy-efficient systems that can be deployed for long-term operations on autonomous beacons or subsea vehicles.

Seabed mapping geophysical software

The company’s signature DELPH software suite has been used by surveyors and geophysicists worldwide to acquire and interpret marine data.

DELPH acquisition software is a unified data logging solution to safely monitor and record side-scan sonar, seismic and sub-bottom profiler data in a simple user interface.

The DELPH interpretation software has the unique capability of handling vast amounts of data in a short time using batch processing, while still providing the finest details. DELPH interpretation is the ideal solution when processing time is critical.

Synthetic aperture side-scan sonar

iXBlue’s SAMS DT-6000 is a multi-mission seabed mapping sonar that combines the use of advanced synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) technology together with iXBlue cutting edge products such as PHINS 6000, POSIDONIA II and ECHOES 5000.

The flexible architecture allows easy integration with tow fish and AUV platforms. SAMS is a multi-purposes tool that enables navigators go to -1,000m or as deep as -6,000m.

Sub-bottom profilers and very low frequency transducers

iXBlue’s ECHOES range of sub-bottom profilers are versatile solutions for accurate navigation. The systems provide low-distortion data and penetration, facilitate buried objects management, and are easy to install.

Pan and tilt stabilised platforms

iXBlue’s pan and tilt platforms can be deployed on land and sea operations. The systems contain a real-time interface for sensor in-the-loop control and tracking capabilities that provide accurate results in an easy setup.

Positioners to pinpoint objects

iXBlue’s positioner systems use a real-time interface for sensor-in-the-loop control and advanced model-based controller to pinpoint objects with high accuracy on land and sea applications. The system is MIL-STD-810G qualified, compact, portable, and has low power consumption, making it a suitable choice for all navies worldwide.

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