High-Speed Patrol Boats for Naval Applications
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High-Speed Patrol Boats for Naval Applications

Rodman designs and builds high-speed patrol boats for surveillance, intervention and support operations in security and defence applications.

Polígono Industrial de la Borna 36955 Meira - Moaña (Pontevedra) ,

Polígono Industrial de la Borna 36955 Meira - Moaña (Pontevedra) ,



Rodman designs and builds high-speed patrol boats for surveillance, intervention and support operations in security and defence applications.

Rodman is an expert in naval construction, obtaining international recognition and becoming one of the leaders in the industry.

Fast patrol boats for the naval industry

Rodman provides a wide range of fast patrol boats between 11m and 45m in length with extensive flexibility to design and construct its units on a case-by-case basis to match the customer’s individual technical specifications, including arrangement and operational performance.

Rodman designs and constructs fast vessels for various applications such as search and rescue (SAR), pilot and harbour and fast passenger boats and workboats. They all have the same flexibility, design and construction quality as Rodman’s other products. The vessels incorporate the same technology and facilities as our fast patrol and composite-material fast patrol boats, as well as fast patrol vessels for naval, maritime surveillance and maritime law enforcement applications.

Each Rodman craft is designed and built in accordance with the highest industry standards supported by the main international quality assurance certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & PECAL 2110.

All building stages, starting from the design process until the completion of the boat, are carried out by experts and qualified professionals who use state-of-the-art technology. This enables Rodman to guarantee the final result, delivering crafts with optimal reliability and durability, adapted to their tasks.

In most cases, our boats are required to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The robustness, safety and functionality of Rodman boats are attributes that our customers value the most.

Customised high-speed patrol boats for naval applications

Rodman has a complete range of hull moulds available, specifically designed for constructing fast patrol boats suitable for coastal and offshore surveillance and law enforcement missions. Rodman fast patrol boat range includes over thirteen models from 10m to 45m.

Rodman 33 is the most compact model of the Rodman patrol boat range. The high-speed 10m-long vessel reaches 50k due to the hull design. The fast craft is particularly suitable for coastal surveillance and intervention operations where speed is crucial.

Rodman 38 is an 11m-long patrol boat that reaches speeds of up to 30k and is suitable for intervention and surveillance tasks in coastal areas.

Rodman 46 is a high-speed interceptor patrol boat with a length of 14m. Its design enables the vessel to reach a maximum speed of 50k. The boat’s versatility enables it to be used for different operations from high-speed patrolling to pilot boat tasks with speeds up to 35k.

Rodman 55 model is one of the most reputable and in-demand in our shipyard. The uniquely designed high-speed patrol boat offers one of the highest performance and manoeuvrability levels available nowadays, reaching maximum speeds of up to 55k. The craft is suitable for sea intervention operations where a fast reaction is crucial.

Rodman 56 is a 17m-long patrol boat, specifically designed to carry out inspection and surveillance activities, control and support of the fishing fleet, cooperation in maritime SAR operations and participation in anti-marine pollution operations.

Rodman 58 is a surveillance patrol boat of medium length, reaching maximum speeds of 30k. It is suitable for coastal surveillance tasks due to a combination of high performance and equipment, providing accommodation for five crew members.

Rodman 66 has a versatile design and propulsion package, which enables the patrol boat to operate as a coastal surveillance or rescue boat, reaching maximum speeds of 35k, depending on the engines fitted.

Rodman 78 is one of the latest models developed and built by Rodman. The craft was designed as a high-speed intervention boat approximately 24m in length, reaching a maximum speed of 40k, depending on the propulsion package installed. The patrol boat offers optimal dimensions, wide inner spaces, high performance and functionality.

Rodman 101 is used by a number of international governments and agencies as a surveillance patrol boat for their coastal waters. Rodman 101 design offers accommodation for a permanent crew between ten and 16 people. With a wide range and efficiency, the patrol boat can perform missions for several days without returning to port and can reach a maximum speed of 35k.

Rodman 111 is a new 35.3m-long interceptor patrol vessel that offers optimal performance on high seas, as well as reliability and quality design. Rodman 111 was designed for a regular 15 people crew. The 600nm range and optimal vessel seaworthiness offer high operational effectiveness.

Rodman 130 is a new model of a patrol boat for the coast guard service, specifically designed for continuous operation at sea without external assistance for up to five days. The vessel is 40m-long and can reach a speed of up to 27k.

Rodman 138 helped to reach a new milestone in the glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) shipbuilding industry. The 43m-long offshore patrol vessel was designed to carry out maritime surveillance tasks in territorial waters, adjacent areas and international waters. With a range of 2,000 miles at 16k, the vessel is suitable for law enforcement on high seas and interception and surveillance to ensure compliance with national and international laws, taking into consideration the safety and comfort of a crew of 14 people and ten additional passengers.

Custom layout and equipment for the naval industry

Rodman fast patrol boats can be specifically designed to match the customer’s operational requirements by offering different deck and superstructure arrangements with flexibility to create a customised deck and internal layout.

Machinery, propulsion gear, materials and other boat equipment can be customised to match the required operational performances.

High-Speed Patrol Boats

Since 1974, Rodman has been designing and building high-speed patrol boats to specifically conduct surveillance, intervention, and support operations for security and defence purposes.

Rodman Launches New Offshore Patrol Vessel Rodman 138

Rodman Polyships S.A.U., a Rodman Group shipyard specialised in the construction of all types of glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) and composite vessels, has designed and is building the new Rodman 138 Offshore Patrol Vessel for custom surveillance, particularly designed for a new contract.


Polígono Industrial de la Borna 36955 Meira - Moaña (Pontevedra)