Sundog® Software develops highly realistic 3D clouds, oceans and skies for real-time training and simulation in the defence industry.

The company’s innovative SilverLining Sky, Weather SDK, Triton Ocean SDK and 3D Clouds solutions are used to generate synthetic natural environments, creating realistic weather conditions and sea states for virtual military training.

Sundog’s software is compatible with Cartesian and geographic (ECEF) coordinate systems and can operate on both Windows and Linux operating systems. The company’s products can be used by software engineers on platforms, including OpenSceneGraph, OpenIG, OpenGL, Direct3D and osgEarth.

Realistic cloud simulation for military training exercises

Realistic sky visuals are a crucial part of any virtual training environment as they increase immersion and generate the lighting for simulation training at various locations and times.

SilverLining 3D cloud simulation can replicate the appearance of the sky at different times of the day.
Sundog’s Triton ocean simulation produces realistic breaking waves and coastal effects.
Sundog’s Triton Ocean SDK's real-time ship wake simulation system offers ultra-realistic visuals.
Triton can simulate Beaufort-level 9 seas with foam and spray effects.
SilverLining can simulate real weather conditions, including thunderstorms, lightning, virga, and precipitation effects.
Sundog’s SilverLining solution includes special effects includingsuch as lens flare and crepuscular rays.
Sundog’s solutions are ideal for virtual military training exercises.
SilverLining can be adapted to a range of time, weather and location requirements.
SilverLining can replicate complex weather with stratus, cumulus congestus, and cirrocumulus cloud layers.

SilverLining is an innovative 3D cloud simulation solution that provides expansive layers of cumulus, cirrus, cirrostratus, stratus, and stratocumulus clouds. The solution is ideal for real-time military training applications as it can be adapted to suit specific location, time and weather conditions.

In addition, SilverLining can simulate extreme conditions such as sandstorms, thunderstorms, cumulonimbus and towering cumulus clouds, as well as lightning, precipitation, and virga effects.

Sundog’s procedurally generated sky-domes use the state-of-the-art Hosek-Wilkie algorithm to generate highly realistic skies for various weather conditions and any amount of haze. The system can generate accurate positions for the moon, sun, and stars through its advanced built-in ephemeris model, making it ideal for demanding military training simulations.

3D ocean simulation software for the defence industry

Sundog’s Triton Ocean SDK provides realistic 3D water simulation for military requirements. The 3D Ocean simulation software integrates the latest graphics processing unit (GPU) technology that generates over 65,000 individual waves at thousands of frames per second on modern hardware.

The cutting-edge ocean simulation solution features advanced models, including Pierson-Moskowitz, Phillips and JONSWAP wave spectrums. Triton is the ideal solution for water simulation requirements in land-based and hyper-realistic water training exercises.

Innovative software development kit (SDK) for military simulation

Triton Ocean SDK can produce a 3D virtual ocean with any sea conditions using the Beaufort scale or the Douglas Sea States, including breaking waves, reflection, foam, swells, spray, and realistic coastal effects.

The solution is compatible with various coordinate systems, including the ECEF system used in large training applications. Triton has been specially designed for enhanced performance up close from high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) simulations, at sea level, and from any viewpoint.

Triton also includes a ship wake simulation, which features 3D Kelvin wakes, turbulent wakes, and propeller backwash, as well as spray from the bow and hull. The solution supports projectile impacts, rotor wash and tidal streams that produce localised 3D wave effects.

Affordable software licensing

Sundog’s software is licensed on a per-application basis, with no unnecessary internet-based licence checks or per-seat/per-channel costs. This means that one licence covers an entire project and all that is required is to link Sundog’s software libraries to the user’s application using a licence code.

Licences are available from Sundog directly, or from the company’s resellers and partners around the world.

Customer-oriented support and maintenance services

Sundog has established an excellent industry reputation and has grown through customer recommendations and word-of-mouth.

The company has evolved from providing sky and ocean simulation technology to handle a wide range of training requirements and integration challenges.

As a customer-focused company, Sundog provides three months of support and maintenance services with its SDK solutions, with additional 12-month blocks available for purchase.

The company offers free evaluation SDKs, allowing users to ensure the technology integrates with existing systems before purchasing.