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High-Quality Electronic Components for Naval Applications

Simpro is a leading electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider, supplying state-of-the-art electronic / electro-mechanical components for harsh naval environments.

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Simpro is a leading electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider, supplying state-of-the-art electronic / electro-mechanical components for harsh naval environments.

With expertise in wireless, explosive atmosphere, and subsea technology, the company assists clients through the design, development, construction, and testing stages of entire projects.

Simpro offers standalone services for customers, allowing them to choose one according to their unique naval operations.

Surface-mount component construction for naval operations

Simpro has extensive knowledge in the construction of surface-mount components, with highly skilled employees using advanced production equipment to develop prototypes and full-version products.

Simpro’s assembly department provides assembly of components, cable production, manual inspections, and part replacements / repairs.
Simpro tests electrical components throughout the entire production process to ensure any errors are detected as soon as possible.
Simpro provides all types of high-quality electrical components for naval operations.
Simpro delivers environmental stress screening (ESS) for equipment exposed to harsh naval conditions.

Simpro’s surface-mount technology (SMT) production lines include component sizes ranging from 0.6mm x 0.3mm to 90mm x 30mm.

The company has two independent SMT assembly lines optimised for low to medium capacity production, while the total assembly rate (IPC-9850) is around 150,000 components an hour.

The department handles component assembly, cable production, module construction, manual inspection and control, as well as the replacement of parts and repairs.

All products are given unique production IDs and 2D barcodes, which allow them to be tracked and altered throughout the entire production stage using Simpro’s automatic optical inspection (AOI) machines.

Simpro uses nitrogen when carrying out selective and wave soldering processes, while it is also used during re-flow soldering if requested. The company uses equipment for soldering many component types, including ball grid array (BGA) surface-mounting packages.

Simpro has two selective soldering machines and a new wave tool for the automatic welding of through-hole components.

Electronic components are made according to the Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC) Class 3 production requirements, which include:

  • Workmanship
  • Workmanship and documentation
  • Workmanship, documentation, and traceability

Selective conformal coating systems for marine components

Simpro has acquired a selective conformal coating system, which is used for programmed glue and potting dispensing, in addition to selective conformal printed circuit assembly (PCA) coating. The system offers consistent quality, simplifies the process, and ensures the health and safety of the operator.

Test development solutions for electronic accessories

Simpro has a separate department offering expert testing services for electronic components.

The department has a broad range of involvement in radio amplifier (RF) circuits less than 11GHz, test development, environmental stress screening (ESS), data logging, error detection, product adjustment / tuning / calibration, and advanced troubleshooting.

Simpro uses state-of-the-art equipment for RF testing, while it also uses LabView, TestStand, and Boundary Scan for the automated testing of complex products.

The company automates its product testing during the various stages of production. This ensures quick implementation of actual testing, earlier recognition of possible errors, consistency, and improved reporting.

By taking advantage of test development services during the product’s various production stages, clients can be assured that they have an automated test ready for their first batch. They also gain better awareness of the product before it goes into production and are given the possibility of design for testing (DFT) analysis using Boundary Scan.

The quality of production documentation is guaranteed through the development of test procedures and AutoCAD drawings, while it also ensures systems are ready for high-mix / low-volume production in several locations.

Simpro’s development solutions allow clients to stay in control of time and cost. Typical procedures involve:

  • Test jig: specification, design, and construction
  • Software testing: specification, design, and development
  • Documentation of test setup (hardware and software)
  • Planning of test procedures
  • Project management

Simpro has obtained an innovative wide area traceability (WATS) testing system designed for processing data, reports, analysis, production statistics, and quality monitoring. It is used in combination with TestStand and LabVIEW, while it can be integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Environmental stress screening for naval equipment

Simpro provides environmental stress screening (ESS) of equipment that is exposed to harsh naval conditions. ESS is carried out during the production or testing stage of new products, and includes mechanical and thermal stress tests.

The company has eight years’ experience in ESS and has assessed 4,000 units. Simpro offers complete ESS programmes, including test development, planning and execution of tests, and documentation.

The ESS is carried out according to:

  • ISO 13628-6 petroleum and natural gas industries – design and operation of subsea production systems – part six: subsea production control systems.
  • IEC 60068-2-6 sine vibration
  • IEC 60068-2-64 random vibration

High-quality critical naval components

Simpro’s purchasing department continuously works to reduce the cost of components through strategic sourcing and negotiations, while also ensuring products are of a high-quality and delivered quickly.

Simpro always has standard components in stock for all types of client requirements and sells important parts based on forecasts to reduce lead-times. The company offers semi-finished and completed products as part of its surface-mount components.

Finished components are shipped directly to customers, final end-users, or distribution locations through Simpro’s Box Build service. This involves custom-shipping boxes with documentation, manuals, and cables.

About Simpro

Simpro was established in Meldal Næringssenter, which was built in 2009/2010 in Løkken Verk, Norway. It has two 100m2 modern production facilities.

Simpro’s customers are involved in all segments, including offshore, defence, and medical technology.

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