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Ship Performance Analysers

Kyma delivers high quality products for performance monitoring on all types of vessels. Our products represent state-of-the-art technology, and QA is a continuous key process in our production and development process.

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Kyma delivers high quality products for performance monitoring on all types of vessels. Our products represent state-of-the-art technology, and QA is a continuous key process in our production and development process.

With installations on more than 3,000 vessels, Kyma is today among the leading suppliers of this type of technology.

Kyma has a highly qualified staff within all areas of production, and is located in modern production facilities in Bergen, Norway.


Cylinder and fuel injection pressures versus crank angle or cylinder volume can be shown simultaneously so that injection and ignition point can be compared directly.
Reduce you operating costs with Kyma Ship Performance. Get long trend data to see the influence from hull fouling, propeller wear and engine wear for your vessel.
Display for Kyma Shaft Power Meter. Performance data can be displayed directly if this module is included.
Kyma Shaft Power Meter is easy to install both on new vessels and on vessels in operation. The ring is suitable for all shafts above 235mm.

The reduction in fuel and maintenance costs by using Kyma Shaft Power / Kyma Ship Performance can be considerable. For a retrofit or new building, the system will help the engineers to operate the vessel at near optimal condition over time by continuous information including such as fuel per mile, power per mile and specific fuel consumption per rates.

Important information such as long trend data and possibility for trim optimization help the ship owners/operator of the vessel to operate it efficiently.

The Kyma shaft power meter is designed for very high accuracy, long term repeatability and long life. The strain gauge technology is designed for the life of the vessel:

  • Strain gauge does not need to be changed during the vessels life time.
  • No maintenance or cleaning are required
  • There is no mechanical wear
  • Designed for use in hazardous areas
  • Not affected by temperature changes
  • Easy to be install on existing systems
  • Suitable for multi-shaft installations

Kyma Diesel Analyzer is primarily used to carry out an examination of the combustion process and fuel injection system of diesel engines, to provide the user with information about inefficient operation of the engine or cylinder wear. This information helps the engineers to optimize the performance of the engines and to plan timely maintenance at an early stage before breakdown of components.

Primary customers of Kyma are shipyards and ship owners world-wide and we deliver to both new-buildings and existing vessels with extended focus on performance.

Kyma is represented by local agents in all major areas of shipbuilding and ship management, and can also offer world-wide support for service and commissioning.

Kyma a.s systems have been selected for many naval vessels over the years. The bellow is some of Kyma’s significant projects:

  • US navy – frigates and RTMV
  • Australian navy – AWD Hobart class
  • Indian navy                
  • Korean navy – LPX
  • Norwegian navy – frigates
  • Spanish navy – frigates and patrol vessels

Shaft power meter

This instrument provides continuous measurement of torque, power and shaft revolutions on propeller shafts, using strain gauge technology. Thrust measurement is optionally available  If the instrument is connected to sensors for fuel and log speed, additional data for engine and ship performance can be presented on the display unit for the shaft power meter, model KPM.PFS.

Diesel analyzer

Kyma Diesel Analyzer is a computer-based system for the monitoring of cylinder and fuel injection system performance on diesel engines. The information from the system can be used for tuning of engine balance, tuning of ignition timing, checking of cylinder overload, checking for cylinder wear as well as maintenance planning.

Ship performance monitor

This system is an on-line performance monitoring providing continuous information about the ship performance. Information from the system is based on inputs from sensors such as the shaft power meter, fuel meter, speed log, GPS, trim and wind speed/direction indicator. Emission figures as CO², SO² and NOx can be calculated / measured and presented in the reports. This system can also be used to optimize the trim of the vessel.

The output information is presented as noon-noon report, voyage and trial report and trend plots where the actual operating data is compared to reference data.

Steam analyzer

Computer- based analysis tool for the optimization of steam turbine plant operation.

The system consists of an advanced software package for calculation of heat balance and component efficiencies.

Test power meter

Kyma Test Power Meter is a light-weight portable instrument for temporary installation on propeller shafts. The measuring principle is based on the same well-proven strain gauge technology as the permanent type Kyma Shaft Power Meters.


  • M36 Class Patrol Boats

    The M36-class patrol boats are built by Marsun Company and intended to serve the maritime patrol requirements of the Royal Thai Navy.

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