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Extendable and Retractable Stabiliser Systems for the Maritime Sector

Quantum Marine Stabilizers engineers and manufactures marine stabiliser systems for the military, commercial and yachting industries.



fin rotor stabilisersQuantum Marine Stabilizers engineers and manufactures marine stabiliser systems for the military, commercial and yachting industries.

The company has secured three world patents with its retractable and extendable fins and rotors, which include Zero Speed™, XT™, MAGLift™ and Dyna-Foil™. It has transformed the marine industry by developing unprecedented roll control for increased comfort during anchoring and when underway.

Active stabilisation systems for marine applications

Active stabilisers provide significant benefits for all types of ships such as a 50% increase in operation time due to the expansion of the vessel’s safe operating profile. The improved operating profile directly impacts the successful outcome of rescue missions, helicopter landings and refuelling efforts.

Quantum’s stabilising solutions also ensure crew safety and productivity, while improved crew retention such as enhanced on-board comfort reduces fatigue.

XT™ is an innovative stabiliser fin, which is designed to extend or retract according to vessel speed.
MAGLift™ is suitable for loitering and zero-speed operations, as well as ice-class or high-speed vessels where drag is increased.
Dyna-Foil™ uses innovative dual-purpose stabilisation technology to provide more lift with reduced drag and power.
Quantum Marine Stabilizers has provided solutions for 12 Royal Australian Navy Lürssen offshore patrol vessels (OPV).
The company has upgraded 13 Cyclone US Navy ships with its fin and rotor stabilisers.
The US Coast Guard’s fast response cutters (FRC) have been fitted with Quantum’s marine stabiliser systems to improve crew and vessel operation efficiency.
The high-strength steel Quantum XT™ Fin has a retracted area of 6m and deployed area of 8m.
The military-grade, Quantum hydraulic power unit is purpose-built for the US Navy.

Stabilisers offer an 18% fuel reduction when Zero Speed™ mode is used instead of idling engines. This maintains vessel seaworthiness and enhances operational efficiency, as well as prevents scheduling and reducing downtime due to adverse weather and sea conditions.

Stabilising fins and rotors minimise on-board injuries and prevent damage to equipment and cargo during military missions.

Other key advantages include:

  • High system reliability and availability through commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology
  • Station-keeping and low-speed operations
  • Increased zero speed comfort
  • Enhanced seakeeping capabilities (course-keeping and passage-making)
  • High system reliability and availability
  • Enhanced value at resale

Global stabiliser support and maintenance services

Worldwide naval customers have benefitted from Quantum’s long-term support, which includes a comprehensive lifecycle maintenance programme comprising extended cost containment services.

The company’s stabilisers are a proven solution for marine stabilisation, as they deliver reliability and performance without affecting downtime.

Marine fins for superb stability at zero and underway speeds

XT fins are one of Quantum’s most popular stabiliser systems to date.

The main stabiliser fin houses another fin or foil designed to extend or retract based on the vessel’s speed. The foil is extended to optimise zero speed operations, providing 30% more surface area and 100% additional lift force. When the foil is retracted, it reduces the surface area and corresponding drag to improve performance underway.

Retractable rotor stabilisers for zero, slow and loitering speeds

The MAGLift Retractable Rotor Stabilizer is based on the Magnus effect, where a rotating cylinder creates lift according to speed and direction.

This system is suitable for slow / loitering and zero speed applications. Rotors are completely retractable underway, making it ideal for ice-class or high-speed vessels where drag is increased.

Retractable and optimal stabilising solutions for all speeds

Dyna-Foil uses an innovative dual-purpose, fully retractable ship stabilising system, which includes efficient technology that provides more lift using less drag and power.

Dyna-Foil’s swinging motion (Zero Speed mode) enhances foil flow and lift for optimal stabilisation. While underway, the foil can be fully extended or retracted with minimal drag. This is ideal for vessels with Zero Speed and high-speed stabiliser requirements.

About Quantum Marine Stabilizers

For the past 15 years, Quantum has offered COTS and custom solutions to the US Coast Guard and US Navy, as well as more than 14 international navies.

With a worldwide network of customer support and service, Quantum continues to set high standards of reliability and has delivered thousands of Zero Speed™ and underway systems to maritime industries.

The company offers global repair, refit and upgrade capabilities. It has been awarded open-bid contracts on the following projects:

  • 13 Cyclone US Navy ship upgrades
  • 13 WMEC 270ft US Coast Guard Medium Endurance Cutter upgrades
  • 58 new Bollinger Fast Response Cutters (FRC)
  • 12 new Royal Australian Navy Lürssen Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV)

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