Power Conversion Technologies (PCTI) has been providing cutting-edge power electronic solutions to defence, naval and commercial industrial customers since 1992.

Our power conversion systems operate in numerous naval applications, including submarine battery charging, launch control, communication systems, backup battery systems, shipboard frequency converters and many others.

PCTI manufactures both standard and custom power electronics for all branches of the Department of Defense (DOD) as well as prime contractors such as Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics and BAE Systems.

Power electronic products

PCT’s products address the highest power range of power electronic equipment available from 2kVA/kW to 15MVA/MW. We offer a variety of modular standard products, mil-spec products and custom designed equipment for your application.

520kW & 260kW battery charger and discharger for submarine batteries. Dual input: 440V/50Hz, 480V, 60Hz. Output: 400ADC & 800ADC, 350-650VDC.
106kW PLC controlled battery charging system with dropper panel for Al Quarashi Electric, Saudi Arabia. Input: 480V, Output: 850A, 125VDC.
80KVA 400Hz frequency converter for radar. Input: 208VAC, 3 phase, 60Hz. Triple output: 400A, 208/120VDC. Rugged for desert conditions. Al Udied AFB, Qatar.
105kW DC power supply for antimissile defence system. Input: 480V output: 300A, 345VDC.
Switched mode power supply, 30kW (50A, 500V) and 100kW (200a, 500V). PCTI technology can provide highest power SMPS available globally.

Users can choose from computer interfaces (IEEE 488.2, RS232, RS485, GPIB) and cooling methods such as forced air, heat pipe, direct water, closed-loop water-to-water heat exchanger and natural convection.

Applied technologies include high-frequency switched mode designs, DSP control, PWM, and IGBT technology. Our product scope includes:

  • DC power supplies / rectifiers high-current, low voltage (switched mode or linear), 10kW to 20MW
  • Frequency converters, 50Hz / 60Hz to 400Hz, 50Hz to 60Hz, 60Hz to 50Hz, 10KVA to 1MVA
  • High current battery chargers (switched mode or linear), 10kW to 5MW
  • Inverters DC/AC, DC/DC, AC/DC and AC/AC, 10kW to 2MVA

DC power supply

PCTI’s regulated DC power supplies are a solid-state unit utilising primary SCR (thyristor) technology in a full-bridge rectifier. PCTI’s supplies also have constant voltage control, constant current control, automatic crossover series regulation, DC filter, instrumentation, and many operational and protective monitoring features.

Power supply designs are available in ratings from 1kW to 20MW with current ratings up to 120kA. Our power supply can be used for a range of application, including power, communications, laboratory and missile launching. PCTI also offers switched mode technology up to 100kW without paralleling.

Frequency converters for the naval market

PCTI frequency converters can be used for 400Hz shipboard power conversion or aircraft ground support, and also to convert 50Hz to 60Hz or convert 60Hz to 50Hz. PCTI frequency converters are digital signal processor (DSP) controlled-based on IGBT PWM technology. They deliver a pure sine wave with less than 2% THD and 90% efficiency.

This superior next-generation control allows us to provide a single control board solution for the inverter. This increases reliability by reducing control components. Our 400Hz frequency converters meet the standards of MIL-STD-704F, MIL-STD-451, and MIL-STD-810.

High current battery chargers

PCTI offers rugged, high-current battery chargers to meet all of your charging applications in all standard voltages with current ratings from 25A to 2,000A. Our battery chargers are offered using classic linear or switched mode technology providing a smaller, lighter battery charger.

Our standard battery charger includes a battery eliminator, float and equalise adjustments, manual equalise timer, automatic shutdown and restart. Users can also choose from the options of computer interface, discharge capability, temperature compensation circuit and more.

PCTI battery chargers are used in a number of critical applications including backup power for control relay stations in hydroelectric dams, submarine battery charging.

Inverters for naval applications

PCTI can provide the inverter you need for your specific application whether your application is DC/AC, DC/DC, AC/DC or AC/AC. PCTI inverters are digital signal processor (DSP) controlled-based on IGBT PWM technology delivering a pure sine wave with less than 1% THD and 90% or better efficiency.

This superior next-generation control allows us to provide a single control board solution for the inverter, thus increasing reliability by reducing control components. It also permits us to offer a universal DC input from 300VDC to 700VDC as well as other inputs. Power ranges include from 1kVA/kW to 500kVA/kW.