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Technical, Engineering and Scientific Services for Maritime Risk Management

MMI Engineering (MMI) provides technical consulting and engineering services to enable effective maritime risk management.

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MMI Engineering

MMI Engineering (MMI) provides technical consulting and engineering services to enable effective maritime risk management.

We analyse, mitigate and manage risks posed by natural and man-made hazards within a range of industries, including naval, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, nuclear, conventional power, clean energy, water utilities, defence and security, and insurance.

MMI specialises in sophisticated analysis tools that address the needs of the defence industry.

MMI offers site assessment and remediation services over an extensive range of impacted sites.
MMI supplies innovative design solutions for challenging loading conditions.
MMI's in-depth fluid dynamics, hydraulics and reacting flows knowledge is complemented by modern analysis tools.
MMI’s world-leading passive fire protection (PFP) practice provides practical solutions and independent advice.
MMI supports the complete seismic engineering requirements range.
MMI's impact engineering skills include impact testing interpretation, material technology and weld integrity, structural dynamic and collision physics, non-linear dynamic finite element analysis energy balance and inelastic energy absorption.
MMI's structural engineering skills include the designing of new structures and assessing of existing structures, satisfaction of code requirements beyond code performance, material technology, load paths, applied loadings and taking into account presentation of construction information.
Systems engineering at MMI is delivered within three different areas: requirements and asset management, and asset performance.
MMI's security vulnerability assessments assist facility owners to assess their facilities against various security threats.
MMI Engineering are frequently contracted by the defence sector and various government agencies to supply comprehensive technical guidance on innovative management methods for managing and remediating contaminated groundwater.

Site investigation and monitoring programmes

MMI provides site assessment and remediation solutions at a wide range of impacted sites.

We provide clients with a range of services, including construction management, remediation construction and implementation, remediation planning engineering, cost-effective and ‘goal-focused site investigation advocating and developing successful compliance strategies.

Fluid mechanics for proposed weapon system effectiveness

MMI’s fundamental knowledge of reacting flows, hydraulics and fluid dynamics is supplemented by using modern analysis tools, including finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid network modelling, using a range of commercial and internally developed tools.

By applying fluid mechanics, blast modelling and structural dynamics expertise, MMI determines the resilience of facilities against potential attacks, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of proposed weapon systems against potential targets.

Major hazards engineering for challenging load conditions

MMI is a leading provider of innovative design solutions to meet challenging loading conditions, including fires, floods, blasts, earthquakes, and impact.

MMI’s experience covers all sources of blast loading, including rapid deflagration, vapour cloud explosion, dust explosions, improvised explosive devices (IED’s) and weapons effects.

Our work includes analysis of a wide range of explosive threats, from single mortar or rocket attacks to large vehicle bombs, and our technical expertise is coupled with experience in the development of weapon systems and anti-terrorist operations.

MMI’s world-leading passive fire protection (PFP) practice offers independent advice and practical solutions in a discipline that appears simple in theory, but is realistically difficult to achieve. MMI undertakes bespoke PFP consulting, PFP scheme development for both existing facilities and new construction, and PFP inspection and integrity management on ageing assets.

Structural, seismic and impact engineering services

Seismic engineering is a specialised sub-set of structural engineering, which requires careful assessment of the applied cyclic dynamic loads and analysis of their interaction with the structural form, along with increased attention to the required construction details that will ensure adequate strength and ductility. MMI supports the full range of seismic engineering requirements.

MMI’s skills within impact engineering include energy balance and inelastic energy absorption, structural dynamic and collision physics, non-linear dynamic finite element analysis, material technology and weld integrity and interpretation of impact testing.

Structural engineering experience and skills underpin MMI’s major hazards engineering capability. These skills include the ability to design new structures and assess existing structures, taking into account applied loadings, load paths, material technology, satisfaction of code requirements beyond code performance, and presentation of construction information.

MMI delivers systems engineering through three key areas:

  • Requirements engineering and management (specifying the right solution for the right price on-time, including validation and verification of the requirements),
  • Asset performance (understanding existing assets and estimating the potential of new assets to inform investment and support solutions through a detailed understanding of when items are likely to fail and the resulting consequences)
  • Asset management (developing and optimising a support solution that can maximise potential availability while minimising through life management costs to deliver long-term value for end-users)

Threat vulnerability, assessment and mitigation

MMI has specialised experience in the full spectrum of security engineering services. Our security vulnerability assessments assist facility owners to assess their as-built facility against various threats.

A combination of facility walk-down and desktop study is used to analyse a facility’s vulnerability, before recommendations are made to support decisions regarding enhancement of physical protection and security systems.

Groundwater assessment and remediation

MMI’s engineers and scientists design and implement technology-based, award-winning remediation strategies for public and private sector clients.

Defence and other government agencies frequently contract us to write comprehensive technical guidance on state-of-the-art management methods for remediating and managing contaminated groundwater.

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