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High-Grade Messaging Software

Isode supplies messaging and directory server software to sectors requiring high levels of reliability, security and support.

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Isode supplies messaging and directory server software to sectors requiring high levels of reliability, security and support.

More than 100 aviation authorities and the militaries of more than 30 nations use Isode software to ensure the secure exchange of vital electronic communications over infrastructures, ranging from internet quality links to constrained bandwidth and / or high-latency bearers such as high-frequency (HF) radio and SatCom.

High-grade military email messaging

Isode email messaging servers support a wide range of messaging protocols, including the North Atlantic treaty organisation (NATO) standard STANAG 4406, X400, ACP127 (in a gateway configuration), simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP), and military messaging over SMTP.

Isode's messaging software is deployed with nato and Allied Nation Navies.
Isode's XMPP instant messaging software is the product for nato's access media network (AMN) and feasible multicast network (FMN).
Isode products include server software for message switching and storage and client software, such as our Harrier military messaging client.
Isode messaging gateway software can convert to and from numerous messaging protocols.
Isode's XMPP server can be used as the basis for instant messaging, multi-user chat and structured form services.

In a gateway configuration, Isode server software enable message exchange between all supported protocols, as well as ACP127 including broadcast and ship to shore or (BRASS) and / or function as an ACP145 gateway.

Military instant messaging

Isode is the market leader in the provision of standards complaint instant messaging solutions using the extensible messaging and presence protocol (XMPP), the preferred method for military instant messaging, multi-user chat and forms data processing.

Isode’s XMPP products include servers, gateways (including to existing internet relay chat (IRC) chat networks) along with client software and feature support for security labelling, message acknowledgements and digital signatures.

Isode’s XMPP Server and XMPP Client were the first XMPP products to be included on the approved products list maintained by the US Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA).

Constrained network communications

All Isode products can be configured to operate efficiently over constrained networks including SatCom, HF and Wideband HF.

Our email messaging servers support high-grade military messaging using standardisation agreement (STANAG) 4406 Annex E and internet messaging using batch simple message transfer protocol (BSMTP) and ACP142.

Isode has led the industry on the development of open standards to support operation of XMPP-based services in constrained network environments, including an optimised server to server protocol and federated multi-user chat.

Server and client software for military applications

Isode supplies messaging client, core server and gateway software. Our Swift XMPP Client is designed with military users in mind and available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Swift is a free, open-source client available for download. Commercial support contracts for Swift are also available.

Our Harrier email client is available for Android devices and as a browser-based application, with capabilities to support both military and standard email messaging.

Press Releases

  • Isode Are Returning to the WEST Sea Services Event in San Diego

    The WEST conference is the premier Naval Expo on the West Coast, mixing industry professionals who build platforms for defence, manufacturers of technical and communications systems and government and military personnel under one roof for the 3 day conference.

  • Isode Announce Release of Harrier 3.1 and Cobalt 1.1

    Isode is excited to announce the release of Harrier 3.1 and Cobalt 1.1. These releases are an important step for our Draft, Review & Release Solution, a capability of particular interest within Military Deployments.


14 Castle Mews
TW12 2NP
United Kingdom

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