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Advanced Naval Countermeasures and Launching Systems

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LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY specializes in innovative pyrotechnical solutions for the armed forces, security forces, civil protection, individual and critical asset protection.

Pyrotechnic systems and applications

LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY’s range of expertise includes pyrotechnics as well as their systems and methods of implementation.

In addition, we make available a wide range of services such as customer training, pyrotechnical freight and logistics, ammunition dismantling, recycling and disposal. Our 150 years of experience in pyrotechnologies are a guarantee of innovation, performance, reliability and durability for the solutions we design, develop and manufacture with a particular focus toward eco design and toxic free effects.

To support the qualification and use of our products in more than 50 countries around the world, we consistently pursue compliance with the most stringent standards, such as DGA, NATO / STANAG, ADR, IATA, IMDG, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, MRP II, CMMI.


Naval countermeasures and decoys

LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY is one of the pioneers in naval countermeasures. We consistently invest in research programs to ensure our customers the most complete and advanced range of products in the market. The DAGAIE decoys have set the standard in self-protection and accordingly are the chosen solution by over twenty navies worldwide. Their effectiveness is combat proven.

Latest-generation naval decoys

The latest SEACLAD decoys are the only qualified decoys in service in the world, capable of defeating the latest generation of missiles. Its unrivalled cost / effectiveness ratio has made it the chosen solution for the French navy since 2005, as well as for other navies worldwide since then, and particularly in Asia. SEACLAD decoys are available for a large range of decoy launcher systems. The SEACLAD range of products consists

  • SEALEM structural decoys in the electromagnetic range
  • SEALIR spectral decoys in the IR range
  • SEAMOSC masking effects in optronic range

Underwater countermeasures

For underwater countermeasures, LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY offers anti sonar submarine decoys as well as SEALAT, an anti-torpedo electro-acoustic and pyro-acoustic decoy / jammer that is part of the SEACLAD family.

Small and mid-range ship self-protection systems

LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY has developed SYLENA, a complete self-protection system for small and mid-range ships. Based on SEACLAD, the latest generation of naval countermeasures, SYLENA has been optimized for cost / size /efficiency.

Naval application of pyrotechnics : signals and training

Beside countermeasures, LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY supplies navies with various pyrotechnic devices : non-toxic smoke devices for fire procedure exercises, training targets, location and distress signals, etc.

It includes submarine signals that can be deployed by submarines or any underwater vehicles at depths down to 500m.

For decades, more than twenty navies have entrusted LACROIX DEFENCE & SECURITY for its pyrotechnic solutions, to protect their aircraft carriers, frigates, patrol boats, OPV and submarines, among which are France, Singapore, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Argentina, Thailand, etc.


  • Jose Rizal-Class Frigates, Philippines

    The Philippine Navy ordered a class of two Jose Rizal-class multi-mission capable frigates from South Korean shipbuilding company Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), under the Frigate Acquisition Project (FAP), which is aimed at protecting the country’s territorial waters.

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