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Video Signal Display, Streaming and Recording Products

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Unigraf develops, manufactures and markets electronics products for the marine environment. The products are used in marine and naval navigation and command and control systems by systems integrators. The products include rugged computers, marine-certified monitors, high-resolution video capture modules and low latency network-based video signal streaming systems. Unigraf is also willing to develop and manufacture custom-designed products based on these technologies.

Low latency high-resolution video networking over Ethernet

UNIGRAF Network Video Streamer System is used for distributing real-time displays of radar, ECDIS and cameras all over the vessel at full frame rate. The low latency of the video signal transfer enables the use of the system also for remote weapon control, targeting and firing.

The system is based on the use of one or more three-channel video encoders and one or more three-channel video decoders in network configuration. Any video input channel can be directed to any video decoder output within the vessel. DVI, HDMI, Composite and LVDS video input signals are supported by selectable input modules. Data transfer is via copper or fibre optic Ethernet cable. The system also includes the possibility of remote serial control of equipment over Ethernet.

The electronics modules have been designed for harsh environments and a wide operating temperature range, thus allowing installation of the modules in both indoor and outdoor environments. The modules can be installed into a rugged PC, such as UNIGRAF Vessel PC, or into stand-alone enclosures.

UNIGRAF Network Video Streamer System. Three-channel video encoder and three-channel video decoder cards.
UNIGRAF Operator Station Recorder. Dual-channel video compression and recording card.
UNIGRAF UFG series video frame grabber cards. Full range of video inputs and PC-busses supported.
UNIGRAF Vessel PC. Fanless rugged PC for wall or monitor back mounting.
UNIGRAF UCM-700 series monitors. A family of marine-certified monitors, sizes 15in, 19in, 21in and 23in.

Operator work station display recording

UNIGRAF Operator Station Recorder can be used in situations where long-term recordings of, for example, multi-function work station, radar, sonar or ECDIS displays are required for archiving, debriefing, incident study or training purposes.

The Operator Station Recorder consists of a dual channel PCIe-based Recorder Card, URC-1 and the supporting recording software. The operator displays are recorded from the monitor video interfaces. In this way the display information the operator is looking at is recorded, independent of the mix of software used and including additional camera or radar windows displayed on the screen.

The captured display screen sequences are hardware compressed on the Recorder Card, thus demanding very little PC resources in storing the recordings. Extended dual-screen operator displays can be recorded synchronously, thus eliminating false recordings when the display contents are updated. Audio can also be recorded.

The Recorder Card has been designed for harsh environments and a wide operating temperature range.

High-resolution video frame capture

UNIGRAF UFG series PC-based general purpose frame grabber cards are used in applications where video signal needs to be recorded or streamed. As an example they are used for capturing and recording a radar, an ECDIS, a surveillance camera or a simulator display screen.

The frame grabber cards support all common video signal types, such as HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, Composite or S-Video. Supported display resolutions reach up to 2560 x 1600 and all common PC-bus types are supported by different card models.

Standard Windows video capturing applications like Media Encoder, VirtualDub or VideoLAN can be used right away just after installing the card. The video capturing function can also be implemented in the customer’s application software by use of enclosed API/SDK and by using required functions according to the application need.

The frame grabber cards can also be delivered for use in harsh environments. The cards can be conformal coated and have been tested for a wide temperature range.

Fanless rugged PCs

UNIGRAF Vessel PC is developed for marine, naval and vehicle applications. The unit is a small but powerful PC without a cooling fan. It includes versatile interfaces and two-channel high-resolution graphics support. It can be installed on a wall or on the back of a rugged monitor, such as UNIGRAF UCM-700 Series monitors.

The UNIGRAF Vessel PC includes one extension slot for installation of a standard PCIe card. The extension slot is suitable for installation of, for example, a UNIGRAF Video Network Streamer Card or a UNIGRAF Operator Station Recorder Card. The features and mechanical design of the Vessel PC can be customised on request.

Marine-certified LCD monitors

UNIGRAF UCM-700 series monitors are rugged 15in, 19in, 21in and 23in high-resolution LCD monitors for all navigation, radar and ship automation applications in the maritime and naval environment.

The monitors can be mounted into a console or to a stand. The stand can be used either on a tabletop or ceiling mounting. Full IP67 protection can be achieved with panel mounting. All accessories like the stand and the sunshade have been designed and tested to meet environmental conditions.

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