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Gyro Stabilizers for Stabilization of Naval Vessels

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Seakeeper Inc. is the world leader in active gyro stabilizer technology for the leisure yacht and commercial marine industry. Since 2002, and the birth of the Model 7000 Seakeeper gyro, stabilization in the marine industry has been changed forever. With new products, including the new M21000 Seakeeper gyro, Seakeeper continues to lead the stabilization market, expanding into new commercial and military vessel applications.

Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizers are the most effective zero-speed anti-rolling devices ever made. Whether at anchor or underway, Seakeeper gyros provide the enhanced performance, comfort, and safety expected by a diversity of boaters around the world. The beauty of Seakeeper’s technology is that you can feel it.

Gyro-dynamics for stability at sea

Featuring active motion control and advanced cooling technologies, each gyro is highly effective over a wide range of sea conditions and vessel speeds – without the need for external appendages. Electrically-driven and operating in a proprietary vacuum-sealed sphere, Seakeeper’s compact gyros spin faster, weigh less, and consume less power – while producing the utmost in anti-roll capability.

Gyro stabilizers for military vessels

The biggest challenge military vessels and crew face is the ability to perform at the highest levels in severe weather and heavy seas. While Seakeeper cannot eliminate harsh marine weather, the gyro stabilizer can eliminate over 60% of a vessel’s resonant roll associated with it, making combat, rescue situations, and daily duties less hazardous and life threatening. Aside from overall safety for the crew and its gear, more benefits for military applications include:

The Seakeeper product is a control moment gyro (CMG) and employs the physics of gyro-dynamics.
The unit has a heavy flywheel that spins at high speed in a near vacuum, thus virtually eliminating air friction and allowing weight and power consumption to be greatly reduced.
Seakeeper gyro stabilizers are a stability control solution that is effective over a wide range of sea states.
  • No loss of speed performance at top end
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Minimal scheduled maintenance
  • No through-hull protrusions or appendages
  • Complete internal installation minimizing external noise
  • Small compact design
  • Highly effective zero-speed and low-speed roll reduction

Stability control for naval vessels

Because the unit is installed safely inside the hull, where it cannot be damaged by external equipment or the hazards at sea, naval contractors agree Seakeeper gyros offer the simplest, most effective and safest form of stability control. With many types of stabilization choices, only the Seakeeper gyro offers a total anti-roll solution for all aboard – at zero-speed and while underway.

Imagine a stability control solution that is effective over a wide range of sea states, eliminating crew fatigue, expanding the operational envelope, and facilitating everything from the discharge of weapons to the enhanced use of high tech equipment to pouring a basic cup of coffee. When other stabilizers fail, the Seakeeper gyro is your answer to taming the sea, ensuring safety and optimizing performance.

Seakeeper assembly and distribution

Seakeeper’s corporate offices are based in Solomons, Maryland USA and its manufacturing center is in Mohnton, Pennsylvania USA. Each Seakeeper gyro and its controls are manufactured, assembled and tested under full load and documented before release for shipment. Seakeeper has a global sales network and service/installation centers worldwide.

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