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Combat-Effective Boat Davits and Handling Systems

Vestdavit designs, supplies and supports tailor-made solutions for launching and recovering boats in difficult conditions at sea. Its davits get boarding parties in rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) away and safely back on board in extreme conditions.

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Vestdavit designs, supplies and supports tailor-made solutions for launching and recovering boats in difficult conditions at sea. Its davits get boarding parties in rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) away and safely back on board in extreme conditions. Its range of boat handling systems and davits are the first choice of navies, coastguards, seismic survey operators, pilot authorities and offshore operators who need to be able to operate small boats safely from larger vessels.

Since 1975, Bergen-based Vestdavit has supplied more than 1,800 davits and side and stern launch systems. They have proven themselves over more than 30 years’ use in the North Sea and other harsh environments around the world. Self-tensioning and shock absorbing systems ensure crew safety and widen the operational window for the users. Vestdavit’s key focus is on operational effectiveness, safety and the reliability of its equipment.

Effective interception and boarding for navies

Meeting the needs of navies and coastguards is at the heart of Vestdavit’s business. We understand the patrol and interception environment and the special needs of warships and patrol vessels. That has made us the first choice boat handling system provider for navies and coastguards around the world.

Our davits are reliable when you need to deploy raiding, rescue and interception craft in conditions when everyone else has run for shelter. A Vestdavit davit allows you to launch and recover boats swiftly, silently and safely. Your boarding operations become more effective and safer using Vestdavit boat systems and davits.

Vestdavit lightweight PLAR-3600 davits enhance the capability of the Royal Australian Navy’s Armidale-class patrol vessels.
The US Navy’s new LCS series has an integrated Vestdavit boat handling system to ensure safe and rapid boat deployment in high seas.
The UK Royal Navy fitted Vestdavit davits to handle the heavy workboat on its ice patrol vessel HMS Protector.
The Royal Swedish Navy deploys RIBs from Vestdavit davits.
The new German Navy frigate programme is equipped with Vestdavit safe and high-capacity davits.
The Royal Norwegian Navy retrofitted Vestdavit PAP-6000 davit to the KNM Fritjof Nansen when it was deployed on an anti-piracy mission. The davit will be used by the marines with its Goldfish RIB.

Patrol vessels pose a special challenge for all marine equipment. We develop davits to be light, compact, and resilient and have a high degree of redundancy so they will keep working, even when parts of the system are immobilised. That is why navies and coastguards globally specify Vestdavit systems for their high performance vessels, from the largest US aircraft carriers to the fastest and most nimble offshore patrol vessels.

Davits with fail-safe self-tensioning system

Vestdavit davits are built around a fail-safe self-tensioning system, a shock absorber to take peak loads and an end stop, which all ensure crew safety while handling boats in demanding conditions.

Reliable davits and reduced maintenance costs

Vestdavit focuses on reliability and ease of maintenance when designing systems. Users benefit from simpler, less frequent maintenance and fewer spare parts needed.

Vestdavit systems need very little maintenance, between five-yearly services and only a single operator when in use.

Safe boat handling systems

Vestdavit does not just sell davits, we sell safe boat handling for life. Vestdavit has a global service network ready to perform annual inspections and service work, backed by a well-developed spare parts system which ensures rapid and timely delivery of spares.

Vestdavit systems are easy-to-use, reducing the need for crew training. Should any training be required, Vestdavit provides for all its systems.

Improved traceability and document handling

When you commission a Vestdavit boat handling system or davit, you access the deep experience and engineering knowledge of Vestdavit’s team to focus on getting your specific task right. That team are world leaders in davit innovations, but they always deliver systems they know will work and continue working.

Vestdavit solves your documentation problems with a central, web-accessible database and full drawing, certification, service and supply history.

Call Rolf Andreas Wigand or Atle Kalve to discuss how Vestdavit can enhance the operational effectiveness of your warships and patrol craft.

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