IDS UK is a company that specialises in providing design and analysis advice for the topside electromagnetic (EM) environment of military platforms. IDS UK use specialist software tools that have been used to good effect to reposition antennas to optimise performance, support personnel safety issues, address ship-air interface concerns, support safety cases and determine platform design issues. In many cases use of the tools have solved design criticalities well in advance of freezing those designs.

Design software for analysis of naval strucrures

The ship electromagnetic design framework (ship EDF) is a totally integrated package, where data for EMI, RCS and IR can be stored in a common database, and facilitated to address the integrated topside design philosophy using a single software tool. This could well encourage the topside design teams of naval architects, EM and signature specialists and equipment IPTs to share information and come together to optimise any trade-off studies to best fit the platform requirements as a

Bespoke software analysis solutions

Using bespoke software frameworks, such as the ship EDF and the antenna design framework designed and developed by our Italian parent company, IDS UK is able to address issues such as EMI, RadHaz (HERP, HERO and HERF), antenna to antenna coupling, installed antenna performance and both RCS and IR signatures. The solvers define antennas in their full parametric detail and not just as point sources and by using a variety of numerical techniques an interaction types, full account is taken of
the real environment.

Turnkey analysis software

All of our software and hardware products are developed within the group and our solvers are designed with the end use in mind to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Similarly the frameworks have been designed in collaboration with engineers to optimise the project workflow. An advantage to this bespoke approach is the flexibility to modify our software to suit specific requirements should there be sufficient demand.

IDS software can provide a complete and accurate analysis of naval vessels and structures.
IDS provides clients with bespoke software solutions.
IDS software can identify antenna and radar performance, as well as structural properties.
IDS software can analyse the electromagnetic properties of a structure or area.
IDS also provide a complete range of radar, navigation and survey solutions.

Structural analysis and consultancy

IDS UK can offer a broad area of consultancy based on the following software tools:

  • Ship EDF – a software framework for the design, development and analysis of naval platform topsides for EMC/I, safety and signatures
  • VIRAF/E-MIND – Software tools to address the RCS/EMI of air platforms
  • ADF – an advanced programme to facilitate the design of most antenna types including complex arrays
  • EMACS/FPDAM – sophisticated software following all the established aeronavigation rules to analyse the complete airport environment, including environmental influences such as wind farms, and the design and verification of flight procedures

Our software tools are sold and used around the world and IDS UK uses these tools to provide consultancy directly to the UK MoD, their prime contractors and industry in the naval, land, air and space environments.

Radar and navigation capabilities

Recently IDS UK has added air navigation and ground penetrating radar to its capability. Locally IDS UK can now provide additional consultancy to determine the airport EM environment (military and civil) for the airport as a whole, interactions with the surrounding geological features, theinteraction of critical ATC equipment with ground based objects and aircraft, and the impact of wind farms on significant radars.

The IDS group’s capability also extends to ICAO based flight procedure
design. Additionally IDS UK has developed a ground probing radar capability for non-destructive assessment of underground objects, dynamic structural stress monitoring, archaeological investigations and military applications using advanced features of our penetrating radar technology.