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Naval Ship Design, Construction, Combat System Integration and Life Cycle Support

With a history of more than 300 years linked to the construction of ships for the Spanish Navy, Navantia is a 100% state owned and strategic technology company for the defence.

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With a history of more than 300 years linked to the construction of ships for the Spanish Navy, Navantia is a 100% state owned and strategic technology company for the defence. Its areas of specialisation range from shipbuilding (surface and submarine) to the design and integration of systems with a high technological content and support for the life cycle and high added value services.  Navantia employs around 4,000 people directly and indirectly in Spain, located in Ferrol and Fene (A Coruña), Puerto, Real, San Fernando, Cádiz and Rota (Cádiz), Cartagena (Region of Murcia) and Madrid.

Committed to building a safe and sustainable future through technological excellence and industrial collaboration, Navantia has contracts with Governments and companies all over the world and links with universities and technological and academic centres. It contributes to sustainability and innovation through its daily commitment to people and the planet, with responsible practices from the point of view of labour, the environment and economic and technological development that are viable regionally, nationally and internationally.

It is one of very few companies that has a complete capacity in the fields of design, development, production, integration and integrated logistic platform support, propulsion and naval combat systems as well as the ability to deliver fully-operational vessels. Navantia also has a large product range of naval and coastguard vessels and an enormous engineering capacity for undertaking new projects.

Navantia has strategically situated production centres in Ferrol Estuary,  Cartagena shipyard and Bay of Cádiz, specialized in new constructions, as well as ship repairs in the three areas.

These shipyards are fully equipped with slipways and docks with sufficient capacity to meet the Navy’s strategic requirements

Our naval order book is:

  • Five F-110 frigates for the Spanish Navy
  • Four S-80 submarines for the Spanish Navy
  • One OPV, for hydrographic missions for the Spanish Navy
  • Three FSS (as part of Team Resolute) for the Royal Navy
  • Two AVANTE corvettes, from a series of five for the Saudi Arabia Navy
  • One OPV for the Moroccan Navy

In addition, Navantia has an agreement to acquire and build a number of multi-mission combat ships for the Royal Saudi Naval Force.

Navantia’s most prominent products:

S-80 submarine

The S-80 is conceived as a game changer in the conventional submarine market, with an outstanding combat system, enhanced indiscretion rate thanks to a last generation AIP (Air-Independent propulsion), and a marked oceanic profile. High survivability standards have been put together in the S80 design, in order to achieve most demanding parameters.

Navantia is working to bring to life a Program that will count on unique technologies such as the AIP, a system that will increase diving endurance. AIP is based on a bioethanol reformer which produces hydrogen from oxygen and bioethanol reforming process and pump the hydrogen into a fuel cell that generates electricity to charge the batteries that provide the energy to power the submarine. This results in a substantial extension of its submerged range and thus in increased stealth. In addition, the submarine can be operated by a reduced crew without reducing its capabilities: It is capable of a submerged speed of more than 19 knots and a maximum diving depth of more than 300m.

The S-80 integrates a combat system developed by Navantia in collaboration with Lockheed Martin that supply the sonar suite, and a weapon system which provides the submarine with the capacity to launch tactical ground attack missiles from the torpedo tubes. The S-80 thus represents itself as a formidable tool and a credible deterrent effect.

Besides the construction process, Navantia will be in charge of the Life Cycle Support Technical Office for the S-80 submarines for the Spanish MoD.

Another development in the Program involves measures to equip the vessel’s main systems with the necessary protection against possible hacking attempts, thus achieving comprehensive protection and, therefore, ensuring a safer system.

F-110 frigates

The F-110 frigates for the Spanish Navy are multi-purpose escort ships, with anti-aircraft, anti-surface, and anti-submarine capabilities to perform their force protection and naval power projection duties.

The F110 frigates have a hybrid Combined Diesel-Electric And Gas (CODLAG) propulsion that in its electric mode allows them to operate silently, enhancing their anti-submarine capability, as well as substantially improving the environmental impact thanks to the higher efficiency.

They feature a multi-mission space that increases the flexibility of the vessels’ configuration to deploy unmanned vehicles or provide a second helicopter hangar.

They also have an integrated mast deploying state-of-the-art sensors whilst reducing the radar signature.

It is a smart ship designed as part of a digital ecosystem that optimizes design, construction, operation and maintenance activities in a cybersafe environment.

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