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Acoustic Technology and Communications Systems for Naval Sectors

Ultra Electronics - USSI, a US-based corporation, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sonobuoys and turnkey product design capabilities.

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Finate-element-modellingUltra Electronics – USSI, a US-based corporation, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sonobuoys and turnkey product design capabilities.

Our process features early-phase ideation, thorough production design, and robust product launch. The company offers the diverse HyperSpike® family of acoustic products, which deliver a high sound level output for intelligible mass notification, long-range communication, perimeter enforcement, and escalation of force.

Communications systems for maritime operations

Ultra Electronics – USSI is a developer and manufacturer of communications products for the first response, military security and law enforcement sectors. It produces next-generation voice amplifiers for self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), as well as radio interface products and SCBA heads-up display (HUD) units.

Ultra Electronics – USSI sonobuoy products are deployed in the US Navy and more than 30 friendly nations as leading underwater sensors for detecting submarine threats.

Ultra Electronics - USSI is a leading developer of state-of-the-art sonobuoy systems for naval applications.
USSI develops and manufactures communication units for first response, military security and law enforcement sectors.
Sonobuoy products are deployed in the US Navy and more than 30 ally nations as innovative underwater threat sensors.
USSI offers acoustic engineering know-how in transducer development and acoustic modelling.
The company develops and manufactures next-generation communications systems for maritime applications.
USSI has extensive expertise in designing and producing cutting-edge underwater acoustic sensors.
Undersea acoustic communications systems offer intelligent audio sound technology for loud and challenging naval environments.
The company uses advanced finite element modelling (FEM), which removes design waste and variability throughout marine applications.
USSI’s sonobuoys can be loaded on the underside of naval vessels and systems to provide expert acoustic technology.

Ultra’s innovative technologies are cost-effective and involve highly process-controlled manufacturing for the development of leading underwater products.

Acoustic engineering expertise for naval applications

The company has provided sonobuoys for decades, enabling it to develop acoustic engineering expertise in transducer development, acoustic modelling, as well as advanced digital communications and signal processing.

Ultra Electronics – USSI has extensive experience in the design and production of advanced undersea acoustic sensors. Its advanced finite element modelling (FEM) capability eliminates design waste and variability throughout naval applications.

The company offers acoustic signal processing systems and digital communication links.

Tactical acoustic hailing and mass notification units

HyperSpike provides a wide range of tactical acoustic hailing devices and mass notification systems focusing on three key aspects of sound. These are high sound pressure levels (SPL), crystal-clear intelligibility and focused directionality.

Created by the Guinness World Record holder for the loudest electromechanical acoustic device, HyperSpike technology is a market leader in acoustic innovation. The solution offers maritime stand-off enforcement, critical infrastructure protection and mass notification capability. In addition, the solution can be used for offering crowd and riot control, wildlife protection and emergency evacuation voice communication.

Protective and tactical communication systems

Protective and tactical communication systems (PTCS) provide world-class, clear voice amplification products for military, firefighting and hazmat applications.

Ultra Electronics – USSI is actively engaged in developing next-generation communications products that fall into the below categories:

  • Protective mask communications systems
  • Helmet communications systems
  • Short-range wireless squad radio communications systems
  • Integrated soldier power and data system power managers (ISPDS)
  • Electronics and acoustic product development

About Ultra Electronics – USSI

In the past 65 years, Ultra Electronics – USSI has delivered more than seven million sonobuoys to the US Navy as a vital component of the Air Anti-Submarine Warfare (AIR ASW) mission.

Our teams meet diverse project needs and include programme managers as well as electrical, mechanical, acoustics, software and manufacturing process engineers.

Design and test facilities are capable of speech transmission index (STI) measurement and include several anechoic chambers.

White Papers

  • HS-14 HyperSpike Acoustic Hailing Device

    With the proprietary HyperSpike technology, the HS-14 is a self-contained, lightweight, portable acoustic hailer for communicating long distances and penetrating high background noise environments.

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