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Valves, Automation and Operation Interface Solutions

Sander Navy consists of engineers, task specialists and clerks that provide high-quality naval valves and automation systems for military forces all over the world.

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Sander Navy consists of engineers, task specialists and clerks that provide high-quality naval valves and automation systems for military forces all over the world. Our team focuses all their expertise on installation and construction services for our clients’ requirements, to ensure we offer the best tailor-made solutions. Every person at Sander Navy has a personal passion for their work, and this dedication is reflected in our products.


Sander Navy has been producing valves from our Bremen, Germany headquarters since 1925; our engineers have a wide range of experience manufacturing valves for a broad spectrum of applications. Our range includes:

  • Globe valves for mounting between flanges as stop or SDNR valve
  • Gate valves for mounting between flanges on all materials
  • Ball valves with flanges or screwed ends for use on all materials
  • Filters and strainers for sea water, fuel and oils
  • Safety valves for air, steam and liquids
  • Pressure-reducing valves for air, steam and liquids
  • Fire valves
  • VG standard valves
  • Bronze DIN valves
  • Special navy valves
  • Valves according to NES standard

We understand the dangerous and complex environment of naval missions, which is why Sander Navy conducts extensive quality tests on all of our products, such as shock resistance, noise and vibration tests, antistatic tests, acceptance and function, pressure tests, material inspection, and X-ray.

Naval / automation systems

The current economic climate means ship owners are forced to conduct the same workload with reduced staff numbers on board. Sander Navy rectifies this by utilising the latest developments in naval technology with our customisation service to provide clients with tailored solutions that will make their daily control and monitoring duties more efficient.

The Sander Navy staff will adapt the WSF Sander automation systems for naval purposes.
A Sander Navy engineer inspects a high-quality bronze valve.
Naval ships and submarines require the highest standards for their valves.

Our SANSYS automation system is safe and reliable, with universal and network redundancy features that enable it to continue working even in the face of disconnection threats or the collapse of main components.

SANSYS gives the user full control whilst simultaneously helping to eliminate human error from breakdown or faulty operations. Constant monitoring of tank contents, pressures, and temperatures keeps the ship owner easily informed, whilst SANSYS’ communication with other ship systems such as the loading computer and alarm monitoring system enables the user to keep on top of ship updates, stress-free.

Visualisation systems

The SANVISU visualisation system helps extend the life of an automation system by combining our SANDER automation knowledge with our supervisory control software developed at our facilities. By installing the SANVISU system, ship owners can save money against purchasing a new automation system, and use the unattended operation controls to spend less time monitoring ship data and gain more freedom to perform naval missions and core duties.

SANVISU allows the operator to control and monitor any SANSYS operation at any time. Its user-friendly interface and navigation system gives the user a clear and concise overview of ship status during operation, as well as quick and individual functional specifications. It even provides clear visualisation on rough seas and fluctuating light conditions, providing a better performance for ship owners when they need it most.

Each SANVISU system is highly complex and tailored to every client’s needs; this is why Sander Navy provides only one contact for each client solution. From the initial start-up to the final one-on-one training, we ensure our clients receive the best service from the staff that knows them best.

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