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Hydroacoustic Technology and Diver Interdiction Systems

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For over 40 years Hydroacoustics, Inc. (HAI) has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of unique high power, broadband, low frequency underwater acoustic sources based on continuous wave and impulsive source technology. Our products include hydro-acoustic low frequency (HLF) sources, diver interdiction systems (DIS) and our newest product the Proteus® Series underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

HLF-1 systems have been serving a vital role on US Navy submarines in support of anti-submarine warfare for decades. HAI has delivered a number of DIS systems to the Worldwide Navy and Coast Guards to combat the threat of underwater terrorists. The Proteus series ROVs are versatile battery operated ROVs utilized in support of safety dive team, marine inspection, salvage and exploration operations.

Diver Interdiction System (DIS), Swimmer Neutralization

The underwater threat posed by divers can present a serious risk to maritime assets located in ports and harbors or at anchor. HAI’s DIS is offered as a portable system and as a stationary network system. These systems may be integrated into diver detection systems or operate as standalone platforms. Portable systems may be deployed in littoral waters from RHIBs, harbor patrol boats, piers or from ships. At sea, the DIS may be deployed off of the side of the vessel. The DIS releases broadband low frequency acoustic energy which exerts an adverse acoustic bio effect on the suspected terrorist diver/s at a substantial distance from the diver. The DIS utilizes a proprietary air gun control system which may be remotely operated a distance from the intruder causing the diver to surface at a safe distance where they can be apprehended. The portable system consists of four components; energy storage unit, controls, umbilical and air gun. Each component is housed in a ruggedized waterproof case.

A DIS stationary network would consist of an array of guns deployed to protect a specific environment networked into a single control unit. These systems provide a scalable deterrence that can be achieved by various means including the frequency with which the pulses are transmitted, the creation of tones superimposed on the broadband output, the use of increased air pressure and an increased number of guns that are simultaneously fired maximizing the flexibility of the output.

Proteus series remote operated vehicles (ROVs)

HAI offers the Proteus 500 and the Proteus 1000 which have depth ratings of 500ft and 1,000ft respectively. The Proteus Series of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) represents the latest

technology in the areas of underwater exploration, marine inspection and observation, and search, rescue and recovery, as well as aiding in the protection of underwater environments through underwater observation. These units are battery operated which eliminates the need for shore or marine power. Because they are battery operated the system tether is the smallest in the industry at only 3.3 mm. These versatile units may be configured to meet numerous operational needs. A partial list of options includes; sonar, additional cameras, manipulator arm, GPS, bathometry, water tester, radiation detection, thickness gauge, CP Probe, video enhancement and more Proteus ROVs are considered observation class ROVs. All controls are managed utilizing your laptop, including the graphical user interface, which provides a unique, intuitive control panel screen. This screen includes the Proteus Series ROV operational status, video, and sensor data, as well as joystick control configuration. If ROV safety, lower total system weight, performance, and affordability are important to you, call us today and let us build an ROV just for you. Our ROV is backed by the best warranty in the industry.

Hydroacoustics to Present Diver Interdiction at MAST Europe

Hydroacoustics (HAI) will display its diver interdiction system (DIS) at the MAST Europe Defense Conference. The DIS neutralizes the threat posed by an underwater swimmer on a mission of destruction. The DIS uses non-lethal air gun technology to force a terrorist diver that may be atta

Hydroacoustics to Present Diver Interdiction at MAST Americas

Hydroacoustics (HAI) will display its diver interdiction system (DIS) and remote operated vehicles at the MAST America Defence Conference. The DIS neutralises the threat posed by an underwater swimmer on a mission of destruction. The DIS uses non lethal air gun technology to force a t

New 2km Motorised Tether Management System Offered for Proteus ROVs

Hydroacoustics now offers a motorised tether management system (TMS) for use with their Proteus 500 and Proteus 1000 remote operated vehicles (ROV's). Applications where a very long tether is needed such as a pipeline inspection will greatly benefit from the new stainless steel motorised TMS. All