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Secure Communications Networks and IT Infrastructure for Navy Operations

Speedcast International Limited, a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, designs secure integrated IT and communications solutions to optimise mission-critical networks for defence clients.

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Speedcast International Limited, a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, designs secure integrated IT and communications solutions to optimise mission-critical networks for defence clients.

The company manages an extensive worldwide footprint of local support, infrastructure and coverage and is a globally trusted provider of high-performance connections for goverment and military customers.

Satellite, wireless and terrestrial network communications for security and defence clients

Whether the focus is defence, intelligence, border security operations, emergency response or humanitarian aid, government agency customers depend on secure, critical communications for mission success.

Speedcast provides converged voice, video and data services, along with a robust portfolio of security measures.

Speedcast ensures that maritime operators across the globe have access to the strongest networks and essential communication solutions obtainable.
Speedcast provides high-demand communication services for important marine operations worldwide.
The communications and IT solutions firm is a leading provider of satellite, wireless and terrestrial networks, and ensures high-performance connections so that governments and militaries can communicate securely.
Speedcast provides services to the remote locations as part of its aim to continuously deliver high-quality communication solutions.
The firm is well-established in building installations according to stringent military specifications and standards.

As one of the industry’s leading providers of satellite, wireless and terrestrial networks, Speedcast is positioned to deliver high-performance communications so that government and military personnel can effectively communicate with their chain of command.

With its global coverage and scale, Speedcast can meet any airborne, maritime or ground-based requirement everywhere in the world using fibre and a range of satellite bands. The bands include UHF/VHF, X-band, Ku-band, Ka-band, C-band and L-band.

Speedcast offers these as a core service, as well as a supplement to existing satellite services.

The firm is able to assist when additional capacity is needed and where different areas of operation are required, as well as in times of disaster or special circumstances.

Mission-critical applications and encryption for marine defence channels

In addition to the government, Speedcast assists with mission-critical applications in industries such as commercial maritime, oil and gas, enterprise, media and cruise.

With differentiated technology, an intense customer focus and a strong safety culture, Speedcast serves customers via more than 40 teleports operating across more than 140 countries.

The company currently supports services to over 10,000 maritime vessels, global fleets of cruise ships and drilling assets, and more than 4,500 terrestrial sites.

Speedcast continues to build upon its infrastructure and service capabilities to deliver new levels of quality, security, reliability and flexibility.

Bespoke communication and connectivity solutions for navy operations

From more than 1,050 staff, the majority are specialised engineers. Speedcast provides high-quality services that are tailored according to the customer’s precise needs and fully supported by skilled personnel 24/7.

Speedcast’s government and military group is able to offer a consultative, independent approach to designing best-fit, personalised solutions that meet present and future requirements through its full range of communication and connectivity technologies.

The firm operates highly secure facilities for multiple military and government users and has a proven track record of building installations to the most precise specifications and standards. Speedcast staff are qualified to discuss specific requirements in this area.

Secure communications infrastructure for the military, government, and security partners

The company engages with elite specialist partners to deliver the highest quality and most robust solutions for militaries and governments.

Speedcast is a channel partner of Airbus Defence and Space in Australia and New Zealand, delivering X-band services via the Skynet satellite constellation and secure anchor stations.

Satellite coverage and connectivity solutions for humanitarian groups

Speedcast offers humanitarian groups and NGOs with worldwide satellite coverage and important connectivity solutions that are essential in any remote region.

The company also provides mobile office solutions for emergency response and long-term projects, as well as comprehensive education, telemedicine and public connectivity services.

About Speedcast

Speedcast has a worldwide reach, with regional head offices in Adelaide, Australia; Houston, USA; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Hong-Kong, China, and Dubai, UAE.

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