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Stabilised Modular Weapon Stations for OPV’s and FPB’s

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EMDigital is an ISO 9001:2008 certified defence engineering and original equipment manufacturing company headquartered in London, UK.

In 2009, EMDigital launched the ground-breaking Stabilised modular weapon station for the calibres of 30mm, 23mm and 12.7mm, specifically designed, extensively tested and proven for operation in one of the world’s longest and recent conflict zones.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries in naval technology and have developed cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with a number of navies around the world, including the UK Royal Navy.

Unique features of our Stabilised modular weapon station

High resolution marine display and control panel.
30SRCGS stabilised modular weapon station is fitted with a 30mm calibre gun (height 1.7 m, weight 700 kg)
12.7SRCGS stabilised modular weapon station is fitted with a 12.7 mm calibre gun (height 0.5 m, weight 170 kg)
Object tracking and identification algorithms have been specially developed to identify and track low profile and fast-moving targets.
Highly stable, low drift and high update rate fibre-optic gyros (FOGs) are used.
  • Modular structure allows efficient upgrade at minimum cost
  • Light weight and compact gun mount – allows forward and aft positions and thus enabling stabilised twin mounts on fast patrol boats (FPB’s)
  • Dynamically balanced – inherently suitable for high shock and vibration
  • Surface to air capability and enhanced operational arcs
  • Flexibility – to accept multiple high-calibre weapons and dual feed systems
  • Higher stability and accuracy – from the latest digital servo drive technology
  • Electro optical sensor and other on-board ship equipment integration
  • Adaptive parameter estimation based control architecture
  • Multifunctional human – machine interface – provides minimum footprint and ergonomic operations of the system
  • Ballistic computer and Advanced object tracking system

The complete system includes a fully stabilised weapon station, a fire control system, an advanced object tracker and an observation system, all of which are battle-proven in the harshest maritime conditions.

Modular weapon fire control system

All modules exist as standalone units to allow future upgrades at minimum costs. Different versions of stabilised modular weapon stations are fitted with calibres of 30mm, 23mm and 12.7mm guns as the standard weapon.

A wide variety of other weapons, such as a 40mm cannon or a rocket and missile launcher, can be mounted with minor modification of a single part, and at a low cost.

EMDigital’s weapon stations perform with a high level of stability and accuracy, a unique feature when compared with other weapon systems. These can be operated in ‘Combat Mode’ or ‘Surveillance Mode’, and each mode comes with power-saving options and provides great advantages in tactical operations, with or without third-party observation systems.

User-friendly modular weapon station

EMDigital’s modular weapon station is a two-axis, high-tensile, low-weight alloy structure fitted with calibres of 30mm, 23mm and 12.7mm guns that has different firing modes and a range of munitions.

To facilitate quick removal and installation of the gun, it is fitted with a special cradle design. Advanced design and detailed analysis result in a low-weight system, with higher rigidity than weapon systems with a similar calibre.

Low system weight improves performance of the craft, and high rigidity leads to greater stability and superior firing accuracy of the EMDigital’s stabilised modular weapon stations.

Fire control system operating principle

The fire control system drives the DC servos to fully stabilise the cannon in utilising advanced control and input command algorithms. Projectile lead angle is calculated using target tracking algorithms combined with advanced predictor. The projectile super elevation angle (depending on the particular ammunitions used) is calculated using ballistic data and specific environmental conditions. All control algorithms are designed using Adaptive Parameter Estimation techniques to ensure absolute stability in different sea conditions.

Object tracking and identification

Object tracking and identification algorithms have been specially developed to identify and track low profile and fast-moving targets by combining various feature identification algorithms.

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