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Electronic Controls for Naval Applications

With over 30 years of experience, Symtronics is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic controls for naval applications in India.

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With over 30 years of experience, Symtronics is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic controls for naval applications in India. Symtronics is well versed in on-board feasibility studies, evolution of indigenous designs, obtaining design approvals, prototype development and qualification testing at defence labs, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales support.

Symtronics has designed and supplied a large number of electronic systems for the Indian Navy over the past two decades, and the number of installations keeps growing.

Marine electronic systems for the defence industry

Experience and familiarity with all aspects of marine electronic systems, including installation, commissioning and maintenance makes Symtronics a trusted source of controls for the defence services. Symtronics has dedicated its major corporate energies to development and manufacture of special control systems for defence applications.

Some of our main naval electronic control product ranges include diesel engine and alternator monitoring systems, propeller and engine shaft-speed indicating systems, and diesel monitoring systems.

Diesel engine and alternator monitoring systems

Diesel alternators (DAs) are the main source of electric power on board ships. Automation for starting, stopping and protection of DAs is vital for uninterrupted provision of power for ships.

Symtronics specializes in designing and installing application-specific DA controls for various classes of ships. DA monitoring systems include sensors for pressure, temperature, speed, and level, the electronic logic and sequencing hardware, and the local and remote indicating instrumentation.

Newer generations of systems are microprocessor-based, using serial bus communication for simplified cabling and increased reliability. Analogue and digital instrumentation options, self-diagnostics and system redundancies are some of the highlights.

Propeller and engine shaft speed indicating systems

Symtronics supplies specially designed systems for measurement and indication of rotational speed of ship engines or propeller shafts. A variety of sensors-magnetic, hall-effect and photo-electric pick-ups, and micro-controller based indication and control electronics are available.

Advanced VME 64-based diesel monitoring system for submarines

Symtronics also manufacture an advanced monitoring system for submarine applications. The system, based on an open architecture VME platform, is a fully computerized system which monitors the operation of four diesel engines and alternators and all auxiliary equipments on the sub. The system monitors these by taking inputs from approximately 300 sensors and displays readings and functions on twin LCD monitors. Built in redundancy and a unique Ethernet data communication network makes the system very reliable.

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