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Naval Air and Surface Defence Systems

The Rheinmetall Air Defence Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art above-water short range defence systems.

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The Rheinmetall Air Defence Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art above-water short range defence systems. In the domain of cannon-based defence technology, the company is the global leader and the sole one-stop supplier of fire control systems, automatic cannons and Ahead ammunition.

The fundamental competency of this worldwide group of companies is the development of innovative air and surface defence systems, as well as simulators and training systems.

Effective air defence solutions for the naval industry

Rheinmetall Air Defence delivers complex, automatic and highly effective air defence solutions to naval personnel in more than 40 countries.

Rheinmetall Air Defence introduces new and existing weapon systems to clients and helps them to meet logistical and maintenance requirements. The company provides the necessary training and combat upgrade packages to extend the service life of defence systems.

Oerlikon Millennium Gun mounted on Royal Danish Navy HDMS Absalon.
Oerlikon Ahead® ammunition technology.
Oerlikon Searanger 20mm Naval - high-precision, stabilised 20mm remote-controlled gun station designed for mounting on any type of boat or ship.
Left: Oerlikon Seaguard Biax 2-axis target tracking system. Right: Oerlikon Seaguard Triax 3-axis target tracking system with third axis rolled.
Oerlikon Seaguard® Command and Control System allows stand-alone configuration, control of third-party sensors and guns, and integration to overlying systems.

Ammunition, individual weapons and complete systems undergo rigorous testing and trials at a dedicated proving ground in the Swiss Alps. The company also offers project planning, design and development, as well as material procurement, process engineering, and assembly and commissioning of units, equipment and systems.

Services include lifecycle management services and customer-oriented warehousing and shipping logistics. Experienced service engineers provide customers with technical support at every stage of the supply process.

35mm close-in weapon systems

Rheinmetall Defence’s air defence division is a world-leading advanced close-in weapon solutions and automatic cannon-based armament manufacturer.

The company is the only supplier that offers fire control technology, automatic cannon and Ahead airburst ammunition all from one source.

Fully automated and extremely effective, the high-performance systems are ideal for protecting naval crews, ships and further high-value assets from modern symmetric and asymmetric threats.

High-precision 20mm gun stations

Rheinmetall Air Defence makes high-precision, stabilised 20mm gun stations intended for mounting on all types of boats or ships. The company’s 20mm-calibre fast-firing gun is often used on light patrol and combat boats and is suitable for current weapon systems on larger vessels, playing an important role in close-range defence.

Radar naval target tracking and fire control systems

The versatile and highly effective 2-axis and 3-axis multi-purpose radar naval target tracking systems are suitable for all weather conditions, offering comprehensive inner layer defence capabilities to protect the crew and ship.

The trackers are equipped with X-band or Ku-band radar technology to counter fast-moving air targets, including highly agile anti-ship missiles and the diverse range of above-water conventional and asymmetric threats that exist today.

Air defence command and control systems

Systems provided by Rheinmetall Air Defence give the necessary capabilities to control and manage sensors and weapons within the naval tactical environment. Rheinmetall offers a range of solutions for operative and tactical air defence networks with multi-spectrum from sensor netting to gun engagement control.


  • Training (maintenance, assistance and support)
  • Logistics (storage, order picking, transport, packaging, preservation, foreign trade)
  • Upgrade and retrofits (according to customers’ requirements)
  • Lifecycle management (software upgrade, obsolescence monitoring, performance)

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