Combattante FS56 combines stealth and surveillance capabilities into a single platform. Credit: CMN Group.
Combattante FS56 is designed to serve the multi-mission and high-speed requirements of the navies across the world. Credit: CMN Group.
The vessel can carry 32 crew members and can travel at a maximum speed of 38kt. Credit: CMN Group.
Combattante FS56 offers long-range strike capabilities. Credit: CMN Group.

The Combattante FS56 is an advanced, long-range, fast-attack patrol vessel designed and developed by Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN). The patrol boat possesses stealth and interception capabilities.

The boat combines high speed and firepower into a single platform, reducing operating costs and making it an ideal vessel for use by modern navies.

The Combattante FS56 can be used in a wide range of missions, including fast strike against surface or coastal targets, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), interception of enemy forces, naval and law enforcement application, as well as support to land forces actions operations.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) placed an order worth €250m ($307.18m) for three FS56 patrol boats in January 2018.

Combattante FS56 design and features

The Combattante FS56 integrates a sleek and slender hull structure incorporating advanced stealth capabilities. Its modular design allows for the integration of mission-specific equipment and systems according to the requirements of customers.

The superstructure of the vessel is made of aluminium while the hull is built using reinforced steel. The multi-role vessel is certified by Bureau Veritas.

It features a lightweight compact C-MAST developed jointly by CMN, Cassidian, and Ineo Defense. The mast can be fitted with integrated naval communication and navigation systems, radars, and a global maritime distress and safety system (GMDSS). The bridge offers a 360° view from all around the vessel.

The overall length and overall beam of the vessel are 56m and 8.20m respectively. The boat can complement a crew of 32 and its fuel-carrying capacity is 82m³. Its freshwater storage capacity is 8m³.

On-board weapon systems

The main armament of the Combattante F56 is a 76mm artillery gun, which allows the engagement of incoming anti-ship missiles, low-flying aircraft, surface vessels, and ground-based targets.

A remote-controlled 30mm gun is mounted on either side of the hull. A 40mm secondary gun system or two short-range air defence missile systems are fitted in the stern.

Each air defence missile system can launch four anti-ship missiles in a single salvo and is complemented by a surface-to-surface missile system.

The electro-optical fire control system on-board the vessel enables accurate estimation of position and engagement of enemy targets.

Combattante FS56 mission systems

The patrol boat features a built-in combat management system (CMS) integrating combat and sensor systems. It analyses the data gathered from shipboard systems to deliver real-time situational awareness.

The data and sensors suite on-board the vessel also include a data link, a surveillance radar, and an identification friend and foe (IFF) system.

The on-board mission systems will enable the vessel to conduct ISR, maritime strike, patrol, maritime law-enforcement, drug interdiction, illegal immigration, and other special operations.


Countermeasures are complemented by a decoy launching system, a radar-electronics support measures system (R-ESM), and a communications electronic support measures (C-ESM) system.

Engine and propulsion system

The power-plant of Combattante F56 integrates two main generator sets and four diesel engines.

The boat’s main propulsion system includes four fixed-pitch propellers (FPPs), while the auxiliary shipboard electricity is supplied by an emergency generator set.

The vessel can attain a maximum speed of 38k and achieve an operational range of 2,500nm at an average speed of 15k.