Oerlikon Millennium Gun mounted on Royal Danish Navy HDMS Absalon.

The Oerlikon Millennium Gun uses a 35mm revolver cannon and is a multi-mission weapon system designed for a wide operational spectrum covering anti-air, surface warfare and fire support, offering multi-role capabilities in one gun mount.

The 35mm Millennium Gun, with its unique Ahead airburst ammuntion, is a multi-mission, inner layer defence system (ILDS) capable of defeating anti-ship missiles and aircraft, multiple fast-attack craft, jet-skis and near-shore land targets in littoral and riverine waters.

It is also effective against submarine periscopes, offering an ASW capability. With a high rate of fire combined with accurately fuzed air-bursting ammunition, the Millennium Gun provides the necessary capability for ship self-protection in the modern asymmetric warfare environment. It extends ship self-protection to ranges greater than any close-in weapon system.

  • Remote-controlled 35mm Naval Gun
  • Designated for missions against air, surface and shore targets
  • 35mm Oerlikon Revolver Cannon®
  • Effective range air/surface: up to 3,500/5,000m
  • 1,000 rounds/min fire burst rate, single and rapid single shot
  • 252 Ahead ready-to-fire rounds
  • No deck penetration, standard Ethernet interfaces
  • ISO-mount, barrel camera, high green seas cupola possible options