Oerlikon Seaguard® Biax and Triax are versatile and highly effective naval target tracking systems. Based either on a 2-axis (Biax) or 3-axis (Triax) mount design, they are multi-purpose trackers suitable for all weather conditions equipped with proven radar technology to counter the diverse range of above-water conventional and asymmetric threats that exist today, including highly agile, anti-ship missiles.

Both tracking systems provide multi-sensor tracking, using radar and TV camera (TVC) in basic configuration and can be extended anytime with an infrared camera (FLIR) and a laser rangefinder (LRF). Using miniaturised power technology, the radar hardware fits behind the antenna without sacrificing performance and improving reliability.

The Oerlikon Seaguard Triax is the only market-available 3-axis target tracking system today. Through the introduction of a third axis between azimuth and elevation, the radar and E/O component head can be additionally rolled. This unique construction allows it to track targets beyond zenith relative to the ship’s deck even at roll and pitch movements. With its superior velocity and acceleration capabilities, it is designed to specifically deal with highly agile, anti-ship missiles.

  • High dynamics for rapid reaction and engagement of high-speed targets
  • Easy to install with reduced effort / minimal below deck equipment
  • High MTBF requires less spare part holdings on-board
  • Lower life cycle cost
  • Very compact design with integration of the complete radar system behind the antenna
  • Two parallel operating transmitters with full redundancy
  • Pre-action calibration (PAC) and in-action correction (IAC) functions are provided.