Rheinmetall Air Defence provides and integrates the necessary capabilities to control and manage sensors and weapons within the naval tactical environment. With an important range of solutions for operative and tactical air defence networks with multi-spectrum sensor netting, the system is an affordable solution for above-water sensor-weapons-suites for all ship sizes.

The system ensures a fast and effective intervention with the network interface between tracking sensors, weapons and control modules. These include command and control, target estimation, ballistic lead angle computation and implemented fire control filters for air, surface and shore targets.

The Oerlikon Seaguard system provides:

  • Surveillance sensor management that provides control and indicates state of the integrated search radar
  • Target tracker management performs control and indicates state of the Biax, Triax or any other tracking system
  • Track management performs automatic track correlation of available target sources to produce system tracks, stores all track information in a database
  • Threat evaluation performs automatic threat evaluation of the tactical situation and enables the operator to get an overview of threats and their capabilities. This function also includes a track surveillance function, alerting operators in case of entry or exit to specific, operator-defined areas, crossing a line, or sudden change of behaviour
  • Weapon management performs control and indicates state of weapon systems integrated
  • Situation display possesses a complete overview of the tactical situation, presents all local and system track data and operator set track labels.
  • Tactical Recording enables the operator to initiate and label tactical recordings. Events in the system can be recorded with a time stamp, thus own ship data, track data, weapons engagements will be held in store for the defined recording period