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MaxVision is a leader in the extreme portable and transportable computer workstation marketplace. In 1999, MaxVision introduced the first MaxPac® portable PC workstation. Unlike all other full power portable PC computers, the MaxPac featured full-sized 17in LCD displays with options for multiple displays.

Today, MaxVision sets the standard for extreme rugged portable PC workstations featuring 19in – 20.1in LCD displays with additional display options, a special filtration system for operation in the dustiest of conditions, and high disk capacity with removable hard drives to allow for sensitive information to remain secure. Today’s MaxPac® utilizes an integrated UPS to ensure enough time to shut down the system without losing critical data.


Our lightweight MaxPac®® M Class Pentium 4 rugged portable PC workstation has become a standard for portable video systems for commercial OEMs and resellers providing portable video editing systems, web streaming, and presentation recording systems.

The MaxPac® 9200SRA family represents the highest performance compact workstation available today featuring support of up to four 64bit CPUs (two dual core processors), unparalleled GPU video performance (nVidia Quadro FX4500), up to 1TB of removable hard disks and the choice of single or dual 19in integrated LCD displays. These are packaged into our Box-in-Box™ shock isolation system and with our ‘Baghdad Filter’ air filtration system and a quiet cooling system that ensures operation over a 0°C-50°C temperature range. All this is in an ergonomic, incredibly slim and compact package that can be carried on aircraft and stored in the overhead compartment or shipped in a watertight roller transit case.

MaxPac's desktop footprint is one of the smallest in the industry but feature larger LCDs found on any other portable Computer. Approximately 50% of MaxVision's portable workstation production is full-custom or semi-custom design.
Military or intelligence users needing an entirely new product partner with MaxVision for custom design and production of portable computing.
The ability to go up to the latest dual core dual processor technology.
Maximum display technology with up to 1920 x 1600 resolution.
TeraPac® portable rugged hard drive array briefcase features four or eight 146GB or 300GB hard drives in a single shock mounted briefcase.

The MaxPac® X Class dual processor models support up to three 20.1in LCDs, two terabytes of removable disk storage, and a full complement of standard I/O and PCI slots.

The MaxPac® XL family of rugged portable/deployable workstations/servers was designed specifically for applications requiring the ultimate in multiprocessor CPU performance, high-performance mass storage, high-performance video processing power, large displays, and extensive option slots which can be integrated to a particular data capture and interface technology by the user or by MaxVision.


TeraPac2® Portable Rugged Hard Drive Array Briefcase – features your choice of four or eight 146GB or 300GB 10,000 RPM hard drives packed in a single shock mounted briefcase. A single Ultra320 SCSI cable connects to a MaxPac via a PCI SCSI controller or SCSI RAID controller installed in the host MaxPac or other computer.

The TeraPac2 provides a 500W UPS which remotely senses and automatically turns the power on and off with the main computer or MaxPac. A 24U battery system allows operation for up to five minutes in the event of a power failure.

TeraPac2 portable hard drives systems can also be used with any computer equipment supporting Ultra320 SCSI HBA.

  • TeraPac portable hard drive array
  • Up to eight 146GB or 300GB Cheetah 10K Ultra320 Seagate
  • TeraPac transportable briefcase disk array
  • Auto-power on / off sensed from SCSI termination power
  • 500W full range global power supply (100VAC to 240VAC 50Hz / 60Hz)
  • TeraPac Pelican roller case (water tight)
  • Standard one-year warranty (extended warranty available)


Custom design of portable computer systems is the cornerstone of MaxVision’s new business. Driven by the specific needs of demanding applications such as ‘uncompressed high definition video,’ our next generation workstations will continue to set the standards for larger higher resolution displays and massive removable data storage up to four terabytes in a single data magazine.

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