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Naval and Submarine Training Simulations

215 Parkway North,
06385 1209 Other,
United States of America

215 Parkway North,
06385 1209 Other,
United States of America

For more than 30 years Sonalysts’ simulations have successfully enhanced naval and submarine training effectiveness while decreasing costs. At the leading edge of the training industry, the Sonalysts advantage rests with its unique one-stop-shop capability to develop and transition innovative and unique training solutions through the fusion of:

  • Decades of military and commercial experience
  • Core training competencies in
  • Instructional Systems Design (ISD)
  • Human Systems Integration (HSI)
  • Advanced Training Technology solutions
  • World class, state-of-the-art multimedia and commercial PC-gaming production facilities

Sonalysts is among very few firms that have successfully integrated the advanced technology capabilities of a defense research and development and engineering firm with the creative talent of a full-service video, 3D animation, graphics design, audio/sound design, broadcast and film business.

Closed-loop adaptive training

Closed-loop adaptive training is Sonalysts’ breakthrough training concept that integrates Adaptive IMI, ITSs, and components of our commercial micro-simulation in a single system to create an inherently learner-focused capability that manages mastery of knowledge and skill learning objectives dynamically in a realistic, immersive training environment. Sonalysts has developed and installed multimillion dollar closed-loop adaptive training system for naval ASW/ASUW tactical air controllers.

Naval and submarine training simulations

Sonalysts has developed four award-winning commercial naval micro-simulations: 688(I) Hunter/Killer, Jane's Fleet Command, Sub Command and Sonalysts Combat Simulations – Dangerous Waters. These micro-sims have been modified to support training or analysis requirements at the US Naval Academy, the Navy Warfare Development Command, and the Center for Surface Combat Systems. These micro-sims offer powerful and accurate simulation engines, a robust scenario-generation capability, and important features such as modifiable databases and multi-watchstation play to support team training.

Intelligent naval tutoring systems

Sonalysts’ intelligent tutoring systems are applications that present skill training in the context of a tactical simulation. The applications employ artificial intelligence to provide flexible, adaptive, and automated instruction in the form of real-time "coaching" tailored to the student's needs. Independent evaluations of this technology have shown a "35 percent increase in learning".

Sonalysts has created intelligent tutoring systems for SPY-1 radar system controllers, multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) platoon commanders, M1A2 tank commanders, artillery targeting officers, and air force satellite operators.

Naval adaptive interactive multimedia instruction

Sonalysts’ Adaptive Interactive Multimedia Instruction applications create and deliver an "individualized education plan" (IEP) for knowledge training based on a student's mastery of defined learning objectives, available content that supports learning objectives, course/instructional definition data, and instructional history. The application presents media-rich lessons in web browser-based interface. Sonalysts has created Adaptive IMI for radar operators and submarine officers.

Electronic performance support

These systems support job performance by providing just-in-time training, tutorials, and job-required knowledge. They are presented in a variety of formats, including PCs and handheld computers. The technology is currently being evaluated as a maintenance support tool for the Navy's next generation destroyer.

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