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Dallas Centerline

Overhaul and Assembly of Aircraft Wheel and Brake Assemblies

3308 Towerwood,
Farmer’s Branch,
Texas 75234 Other,
United States of America

3308 Towerwood,
Farmer’s Branch,
Texas 75234 Other,
United States of America

Dallas Centerline overhauls and assembles all types of military and commercial aircraft wheel and brake assemblies. With 15 years in business and over 30 years in the industry, we have the ability and experience to service virtually any aircraft. We offer quick turnaround times, with an acute attention to detail that could pass any ‘white glove’ inspection.  Being a ‘small’ and ‘women-owned’ business we specific two categories to qualify for government set aside programs.

Military aircraft wheel and brake maintenance

Dallas Centerline is your one stop shop for military aircraft wheel and brake maintenance. Working closely with a distinguished group of outside vendors that have all been FAA approved, we are able to repair, manufacture and maintain your components to the fullest extent of the OEM manuals.

We are currently under contract to maintain the DC-9 for the US Navy and Marine Corps. We also maintain the 707 and CJ-27 for the US Air Force. The C-40 program for the US Navy 737’s has also been under our maintenance for the past five years.  

Aircraft tire change and overhaul

Standard TAT is five days on a tire change service, and seven to ten days on an overhaul. We work personally with our customers to meet any deadlines or any service quota needed. With the ability to turn tire changes out as quickly as 24hrs we are able to help minimize, or avoid altogether, an AOG situation.

With our experience working directly with military maintenance schedules we are able to aid in ensuring wheels and brakes are ready in time for deployments and special missions. For tire support we provide new and/or retreaded Bridgestone aircraft tires in either outright purchases or SUP programs.

Aircraft brake assembly overhaul and bench tests

Standard TAT is 10-15 days on overhauls and three to five days on bench tests with the ability to turn them out as quickly as 24hrs for high priority or AOG situations. Using OEM parts on all repairs, we are sure to keep and maintain traceability on all parts.

Working with a certified welder and machine shop we are able to actually ‘repair’ and manufacture several components that would ordinarily be rejected, to ensure quality repairs and unbeatable prices. With our ability to turn around brakes so quickly we have helped our customers reduce the overall cost of brake assemblies required in their inventory, thus reducing the cost of the fleet’s maintenance.

We correspond individually with our customer to customize a maintenance schedule that will help lower or maintain the cost per landing (CPL) on your fleet. This will also help increase the service life of parts that are not 100% consumable and reduce unnecessary expenses on wheels and brakes.

Testing and standards for aircraft wheel and brake assembly services

We implement non-destructive testing of the following:

  • Liquid penetrant (fluorescent)
  • I/A/W MIL-STD-6866
  • ASTM-E-1417 as revised
  • MIL-1-25135 as revised
  • Magnetic particle
  • I/A/W ASTM-E-1444 as revised

Dallas Centerline warrants all repaired, overhauled and new wheels sold to the original purchaser for one year. We have the capability to work on every kind of aircraft wheel or brake.

To summarize, Dallas Centerline has all the essential tools to complete the task, at the best price, and the ability to do it faster than our competitors. We work individually with our customers to ensure that every demand is met and every expectation is exceeded. We don’t require contracts, so send us your components with no obligation to let us show you what you’ve been missing in a repair station.

AWHERO Unmanned Helicopter

AWHERO is a new-generation, short-range, rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (RUAV) being developed by Leonardo for both military and civilian applications.

Vulcanair P68 Observer 2 Aircraft

P68 Observer 2 is a twin-engine, observation and patrol aircraft produced by Vulcanair Aircraft that can also be configured to serve a range of special mission applications.

Dallas Centerline (an Aero Tire & Tank LLC company)

3308 Towerwood

Farmer’s Branch

Texas 75234


United States of America