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Rigid Inflatable Boats

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ASIS Boats, a division of the Dubai-based industrial group SOLICO, manufactures high quality Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs).

ASIS Military, a division of ASIS Boats, specialises in the design and construction of boats built to demanding customised requirements of military and commercial applications worldwide.

The 8,000m² factory has dedicated manufacturing areas specialising in all areas of manufacture in the boats such as design (R&D); custom moulding; aluminium, steel and stainless steel fabrication; GRP and composites construction; safety collar assembly; boat assembly; rigging; and shipping. As a result of the dedicated and varied manufacturing capabilities available all under one roof ASIS can design and manufacture products specifically appropriate to the demanding individual requirements of the military and commercial sector.


Rigid inflatable boats manufactured by ASIS can be ordered in various standard configurations and in sizes ranging from 4m to 10m. Non-standard boats can be designed and manufactured according to exact application requirements.

ASIS' RIBs can be used in the shallowest water depths, making them ideal as both rapid deployment attack craft, and river patrol craft (where water depth can vary dramatically).
ASIS hulls are scalloped, forcing the water to spray down onto itself, minimising the boats drag whilst traveling at high speed.
Its surface-effect hull enables the ASIS boat to make high-speed turns and prevent rough sea conditions; skilled boatmen can thus drive it hard without fear of submerging the bow
ASIS boats have exceptional high load-carrying capacity in excess of 1.5t, with the ability to run continuously at speeds of 100km/h in 1m seas.
The design of the ASIS hull provides a very dry ride as the spray from the concave chimes is thrown out at a low angle, keeping the crew dry.

ASIS hull performance is outstanding. All GRP hulls are manufactured utilising the double concave-chine design, allowing for superior performance and handling characteristics at high speeds. Military grade, coloured hypalon tube fabric covers either a compartmentalised air-filled collar or foam collar. Hulls can be manufactured using GRP or aluminium.

Standard cabins are available on the 8.5m and 10m RIBs. The cabins can be constructed internally to suit customer requirements. Armament attachment can be arranged using an ASIS-approved partner supplier; alternatively the ASIS boats can be prepared for weapon mounting as required.


Military boat applications include harbour patrol and surveillance, coastal anti terrorism (beach launch), offshore reconnaissance, anti-smuggling operations, rapid troop deployment, rescue craft operations, armed border patrol, and rapid standby shore-to-ship craft (equipment, supplies and parts delivery). Coastguard, harbour and oil platform applications also require purpose-built rigid inflatable boats.

ASIS has an in-house rigging department that will fit out and rig the boats, including engines, to the exact requirements of the customer. Rigid inflatable boats are then packaged and shipped directly to the customer’s desired location. Prior to shipment each boat is subjected to rigorous water testing and a water test certificate is issued on the successful completion.


Training is available on request on all boats either at the ASIS Dubai Marina location or at the customer’s location. Training will cover high-speed navigation, fire and safety, crew and pax safety, radar theory, radar navigation, night navigation, high-speed driving theory and practice, boarding, and other aspects appropriate to the customer’s application.

ASIS are confident that their product offerings will demonstrate performance, design, quality and safety, the cornerstone of the company philosophy. The no-nonsense solid performance, good looks and value of our products, combined with our ability to deliver a quality functional product in adequate volumes, have proven successful to date.

Design and trend analysis is undertaken annually and ASIS products are thoroughly tested and certified to ISO / CE standards. Further survey evaluation is undertaken if required in partnership with an international governing body.

Currently, ASIS produces and ships boats worldwide from its facility in Jebel Ali industrial area, Dubai. Further information and technical information are available on the ASIS company website. For catalogue or brochure requests, pictures, or other specific information our marketing office can be contacted at the e-mail below.


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