For more than 20 years Retronic has been a project-oriented partner for the design and production of highly reliable electronic systems, with a focus on power conversion.

Military power systems for adverse electrical conditions

SynQor power systems are designed for the extreme environmental and challenging electrical conditions of military applications.

SynQor’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units accept a wide range of input voltage and frequency values while delivering a well-conditioned AC output of up to 3,000VA (250W) to the load. Lithium polymer batteries allow the lowest profile and weight solution in its power class.

Retronic supplies military power systems including UPS, power conditioners, power inverters and power supplies.
High-reliability and military power converters and filters are also available.
Retronic offers high-performance, discrete power products and assemblies.
The company's product range includes medical AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters.
The RailQor® line series DC-DC converters is designed to provide isolated DC power within the transportation industry for electronics such as communications systems, lighting, safety monitors, audio amplifiers and LED displays under the European Standard EN 50155.
DIN-rail power supplies are proven mechanical and electrical designs that match challenging transport environments.

SynQor’s military power conditioner (MPC) units allow extensive input voltage and frequency values and simultaneously deliver a well-conditioned AC output of up to 3,000VA (250W) to the load. Options include a dual 500W or single 2,500W DC output and the ability to also draw power from a military standard 28VDC input.

SynQor’s military inverter (MINV) units enable a DC input voltage while supplying the load with a well-conditioned AC output. Options include a selection of output voltage amplitudes, frequencies, and configurations that provide a single output, two or three single-phase outputs, or a three-phase output.

SynQor’s military AC-DC power supply (MPS) units welcome a three-phase input with a significant supply of input voltage and frequency values, while providing a well-conditioned, continuous 4,000W (5,250W transient), DC semi-regulated output to the load.

SynQor’s VPX power supplies are compliant with VITA62, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810G for 28Vin systems. The VPX delivers up to 1,000W and up to six outputs with a typical efficiency of 91%. Offered in visual information technology and applications (VITA) approved ruggedised 3U and 6U size packages with internal conduction cooling and high-speed backplane connectors.

The MultiQor Plate power supplies are configurable power assemblies designed to meet MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-1275, DEF-STAN 61-5 and MIL-STD-461. The AC input versions offer one or two outputs with a total output power of 650W, while the DC input versions are offered with one to four outputs and up to 450W total output power.

Hi-rel and military power converters and filters

The MilQor® series of high-reliability (hi-rel) and mil-COTS DC-DC converters and electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters brings SynQor’s field-proven, high-efficiency, synchronous-rectifier technology to the military / aerospace industry.

The innovative QorSeal™ packaging approach ensures survivability in the most hostile environments, and is designed and manufactured to comply with military standards.

High-performance discrete power products and assemblies

Semtech designs and manufactures discrete power products in axial and surface mount packages, as well as custom assemblies in various configurations.

These high-performance and reliable half-wave rectifiers, transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes and Zener voltage regulators are available with military qualification levels up to joint assessment of national strategies (JANS).

Medical AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters

The best-in-class solutions power supplies designed to meet an extensive range of medical applications. Packing 500W of useable power into just 3.5in x 5.25in x 1.63in, this is the world’s smallest cardiac care, medical-grade AC-DC converter for this power level.

The DC-DC converters are defibrillator-proof and type compact-flash (CF) rated for patient contact in various input-output variations.

Rail transportation isolated DC-DC converters

The RailQor® line Series DC-DC converters is designed to provide isolated DC power in the transportation industry for such electronics as LED displays, audio amplifiers, safety monitors, lighting, and communications systems under the European Standard EN 50155.

These converters use SynQor’s synchronous rectifier based technology to achieve extremely efficient industry leading performance. The 25W to 50W mega series requires no heat sink for up to 85°C in an enclosed environment without airflow.

DIN-rail power supplies

N2Power’s light industrial family of DIN rail AC-DC power supplies meet the challenges of adverse transport environments.

They include an extensive variety of output voltage models ranging from 10W to 480W, which are suitable for any electronic system requiring durability, temperature flexibility, convection cooling (no fans), high efficiency and reliability, as well as the ability to run at 150% peak load capacity.

About Retronic

Retronic is an ISO 9001-certified company based in Hamburg, Germany. The support of the complete project cycle from the first idea and feasibility study to full production is essential to our company success. This includes product definition and device selection, data sheets, application notes, technical support and product samples.

Production is supported with very flexible logistics from our warehouse in Hamburg.