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Custom Design of Specialist Patrol and Interdiction Vessels, and RHIBs

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Bakewell-White Yacht Design’s experience in specialist RHIB and high-speed craft has been developed and refined over a number of years and our vessels are renowned for their performance, sea keeping, soft ride and simplicity. Our flexibility and creativity mean that we are willing to offer solutions to a wide range of unique and specialist craft. Whether working in steel, aluminium or composites we will provide the most appropriate solution to your requirements.

RHIBS, conventional patrol craft, or high-speed specialist vessels – we have experience in all these high-speed craft up to 120mph.

Custom high-speed RHIBS, patrol craft, pilot boats, and special service craft

Bakewell-White Yacht Design is a boutique design studio providing a wide range of skills and knowledge across all aspects of marine design. The team draw on many years of sailing and boating experience both inshore and offshore, reinforced by theoretical training, giving us a comprehensive understanding of marine design, performance and construction.

Our skill is in defining the client’s requirements and then creating a solution that is unique to those needs. If you can’t find it then we can create it for you.

11m RHIB at 60mph on Auckland harbor. Built of aluminium and powered by twin outboards, this RHIB is designed to be transported inside a 40ft shipping container. This is one of a range of RHIBS we have developed over varying sizes.
11m RHIB is designed to be transported inside a 40ft shipping container and can be constructed either from Aluminium or composites. Powering options range from twin outboard to single or twin diesel inboard with legs or jets. We have a wider option as well.
One of a number of options for a 14.8m ‘vee’ bottom patrol boat in either stepped or non-stepped form. Aluminium or composites are suitable for this vessel, along with various propulsion options from legs, jets, or surface drives.
Built from Aluminium for a client in the Oil Industry this 17m Special Access Vessel is self-righting, can provide its own internal atmosphere, and sports an external deluge system for extreme environments. Powered with inboard diesels and Hamilton jets.
A fleet of 11 of these 12m RHIB Interceptor Patrol craft were built for the New Zealand Police. Hulls are from aluminium with composite superstructures, and they are powered with twin outboards.

Whether you require an RHIB, patrol craft, pilot boat, or a special service craft, we can offer a custom design service that will provide an optimum solution built from metal or high tech composites.

Monohull, deep-vee, surface piercing, planing, multihull and tunnelboats, and RHIBs

Whether you require a monohull, deep vee, surface piercing, planing, multihull, RHIB, or tunnel boat, we can offer the best solution to your needs.

Low drag displacement forms, a simple deep vee, or a stepped bottom can provide a variety of performance for monohulls, whilst displacement and planing catamaran forms, as well as tunnel boats can offer a multitude of solutions for the multihull including 100mph+ speeds – ideal for interception roles.

Naval architecture, performance, styling and computer modelling

Our in-house capability, covers areas including naval architecture, performance prediction and engineering, interior and exterior styling and aesthetics and extensive computer modelling and visualisation. Our expertise covers practical design, building and boating experience giving us first hand experience of what works, what can be built and what is practical.

We have provided successful designs for a variety of vessels from 5m to 35m in length.


  • SHALDAG-Class Fast Patrol Boat

    The SHALDAG-Class fast patrol boats (FPBs) are built by Israel Shipyards Limited (ISL) to meet the challenging coastal security requirements of navies across the globe.

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