Situated for over 40 years on its original site in Lugano, in the south of Switzerland, Trasfor has developed a global reputation for the design and manufacture of custom-built dry-type transformers and inductors.

As an independent company the spirit of Trasfor comes from the heart and traditions of Switzerland. This affinity is shared by the owners, employees and all parties associated with the company.

The reputation for providing quality and guaranteeing reliability has lead to many of the world’s more demanding industries becoming regular users of Trasfor’s transformers and inductors and transformed the company into the global business that we are today.

Propulsion or distribution transformers

Trasfor has for many years been involved in naval projects, supplying either propulsion or distribution transformers. We use an advanced finite element analysis programme to simulate the extreme conditions typically required for naval vessels.

Medium voltage cast resin transformer, with AFWF cooling system, IP44 enclosure and anti-vibration supports.
Distribution transformer for natural air cooling with IP23 enclosure.
Air core inductor for conversion harmonic filtering.

The analysis takes into consideration strong accelerations due to potential impacts and the mechanical structure solicitations on the transformer. Our propulsion or distribution transformers for naval applications are therefore more resistant and equipped with anti-shock and vibration devices.

Many vessels use our propulsion or distribution transformers, including T-AKE dry cargo vessels for the US Navy, T-45 destroyers for the UK Navy and FREMM frigates for the French and Italian Navies.

FREMM frigate propulsion transformers

We have supplied 60Hz propulsion transformers with cast resin coils, aluminium conductor windings, 6,600V primary voltage and 690V secondary voltage for FREEM frigates. They include an air-forced and water-forced cooling system for the maximum control of internal temperatures and an IP44 enclosure for maximum protection and isolation from the room environment.

Bottom and side anti-vibration shock absorber, and a pre-magnetiser auxiliary transformer in order to avoid high inrush current on starting, are also amongst these propulsion transformers’ compact, resistant and high-performance design.

Marine transformers and inductors

Our transformers and inductors for marine application include medium-voltage transformers with aluminium or copper windings, cast-resin technology transformers for higher voltage, and dry-type technology for low-voltage applications.

Single or multi secondary windings, thermal protection and IR windows for the best temperature control are amongst these transformers’ features.

Air-cooled inductors for military vessel converters

These air-cooled inductors, for converters on-board military vessels, filter harmonic losses in propulsion. They are designed for a medium-current application, and are very resistant to vibration and acceleration.

An efficient and customised design calculated with proprietary software includes electro-mechanic solicitations simulation via FEA calculation.