Cobham Sliprings

Cobham Sliprings is at the forefront of electrical slipring (slipring assortment or SRA) development and production, enabling electrical bonding (electrical slipring) across rotating and stationary components in the naval industry.

Cobham’s array of sliprings include slipring products both standardised and individually manufactured, and additionally covers most areas of application (µA up to kA, µV up to kV, DC up to 500 MHz, mW up to MW).

Naval application sliprings

The company offers sliprings that are designed for military naval applications. Extra care is needed for ensuring they are watertight (up to IP 66 for surface vessels and IP 68 for submarines). Naval application sliprings are able to transmit a wide range of signals and power.

Models are available to be fitted on a dipping sonar’s towed array handling system, enabling power and signals transmission along with electro-optical channels.

For a marine weapon system, this military slipring allows the transmission of a large number of signals and in particular combines very high-power with low level signals.
This slipring is for a naval optronic fire control system. It enables the transmission of analogue, digital and high-frequency signals.
This slip ring unit is used for an offshore application. Its design is based on redundancy of contacts and cables for very high reliability.

Units are available for specific uses such as naval optronic fire control system, and it transmits analogue, digital and high-frequency signals.

Sliprings on naval weapon systems

Particular military sliprings are available that enable marine weapon systems to transmit a large number of signals and additionally merges very high-power with low level signals.

Applications of sliprings on sonar systems

This slipring is fitted on high-performance sonar for sea surveillance of quiet submarines in deep and littoral waters. It can transmit power, ethernet and CAN buses.

Additional functionality and technical competence

We are also open to additional functionality development and merging it with our slipring products. Potential added functions can include microwave joints, swivel joints, hydraulic joints, emitters and fibre-optic.

Technical competence is an area of expertise for Cobham, in addition to our ability for developing new solutions to bring them out as new market innovations. More than 25% of our employees have the aim of assuring our sliprings and rotary joints are both reliable and perform at a high level.

Slipring quality and expertise

Electrical slipring quality is Cobham’s continual aim, with quality assurance during every stage of a product lifecycle, from development through to manufacturing.

The maintaining and improving of quality standards are enabled by an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 9100 compliant company organisation. The quality department is benefitted by specialised human and technical resources for operation manufacture and maintenance on electrical sliprings.

Cobham’s priority is to ensure the highest level of product quality and is also fully committed to supporting customers.