The MU90 / IMPACT Advanced Lightweight Torpedo, is a joint development between WHITEHEAD ALENIA Sistemi Subacquei (Italy, a FINMECCANICA company), DCNS International and THALES (France). EUROTORP is the contractor for the MU90 A LWT Torpedo.


The MU90 is a NATO-standard-calibre (323,7mm) fire-and-forget LWT of 304 Kg and 2850 mm length, designed to counter any type of nuclear or conventional submarine, acoustically coated, fast-evasive, deploying active or passive anti-torpedo effectors. The torpedo can be deployed from surface vessels, fixed/rotary wing aircraft or missile. Pre-arrangements to cope with submarine-launched SLAAM threats have been incorporated in the weapon as well as Hard-Kill (anti-torpedo torpedo), continental shelf mine and submarine launching capability. Designed and built with outstanding technologies, the weapon features any-task any-environment capability. It is currently in mass production and it is entered into service with the French, ITalian, German, Danish and Polish Navies and accepted by the Australian Navy.


Powered through an Aluminium-Silver Oxide sea water battery, using dissolved sodium-dioxide powder as electrolyte and incorporating an advanced closed-loop electrolyte re-circulation system, the torpedo is propelled by an electronically controlled high-RPM brushless motor driving a skewed multi-blades pump-jet propulsor allowing a linearly variable torpedo speed automatically selected by the tactics of the weapon according to the operational phase. Of extremely long endurance, the weapon operates without any degradation in water depths in excess of 1000 m and as shallow as 25 m and retaining navigation capability up to 3m.

The advanced acoustic seeker features 47 transmission and 33 reception pre-formed beams. Its multi-frequency, parallel processing and simultaneous acoustic modes operation, allow multi-target tracking capability, high engagement distance, high performance in very shallow water providing the weapon with high immunity to the most advanced anti-torpedo countermeasures.

MU90 Warshot torpedo in container.
The MU90 is a NATO-standard-calibre, fire-and-forget Lightweight Torpedo (LWT) designed to counter any type of nuclear or conventional submarine.
The shipborne pre-setter system for the MU90.
Torpedo magazine and loading station.
MU90 Lightweight Torpedo (LWT) and airborne launching system on an NH-90.

The control and guidance electronic accommodates the operational and tactical software including the signal processing, the data processing and the torpedo guidance laws. The torpedo guidance is achieved through an inertial system based on ‘strap-down’ technology.

The torpedo homing system, matched with the high-energy propulsion system, grants target engagement ranges in excess of 15,000m.

The very low radiated noise, achieved through the use of the most modern pump-jet technologies combined to an extended selection of torpedo preset parameters, allow a silent approach to the target, minimising the alert range of the submarine detection systems and resulting in high killing probability.

The Insensitive Munition, direct energy charge warhead is proven to kill double hull submarines; it is ignited through an impact type exploder incorporating independent safety devices. The warhead fully meets any STANAG safety requirement.

The exercise section, interchangeable with the warhead section, allows live exercise firings. Composed of a pneumatic recovery system based on inflatable collar technology, it incorporates underwater tracking capability and solid-state memories data acquisition system.

The replacement of the one-shot sea-water propulsion battery with a multi-firings rechargeable battery for exercise live trials will further minimize the LCC of the weapon.


  • Minimum speed: 29Kts
  • Maximum speed: >50Kts
  • Speed change step: 1Kts
  • Max to Min Speed change time: 3 seconds
  • Range: 11,000m at maximum speed, and 23,000 at minimum speed.


  • Operational bands: 6
  • Operational bandwidth: >>10KHz
  • Acoustic coverage: 120°H x 70°V
  • Max. Active detection Range: >2500m
  • Echo sounding navigation: yes
  • Simultaneous targets: up to 10


Several types of Turnkey stand-alone, partially integrated or fully integrated shipborne and airborne torpedo launching systems either for the MU90 or for combined weapons capability are available to the Customers.