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Defence, Aviation Technology and Security Solutions

Patria is a producer of defence and security solutions along with technology services.

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Patria provides defence and security solutions along with selected intelligence, surveillance and management system products for aerospace and military customers. Patria’s mission is to partner with customers for critical land, sea and air operations and provide them with confidence in all conditions.

Naval security solutions, technology and support

Specialising in critical applications and systems integration, Patria’s Systems business unit delivers technology solutions to defence force and security authority customers for multiple use cases on sea, ground, and air. These products are used to create situational awareness and analyse various components of the environment. Systems delivers complex system and equipment integrations for naval and airborne needs, command and control (C2), cyber, and intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

Patria Systems’ strength lies in decades of both national and international experience. We have special expertise in intelligence, surveillance and command and control system projects and technologies, as well as their integration, software and lifecycle support.

Tactical radar and sonar security solutions

Technologies from Patria Systems include sensors, signal processing, passive radar technologies, radio frequency (RF) and datalink, SIGINT and ELINT devices. In addition, we offer C2, surveillance, situational awareness and tactical debriefing systems.

Sonac DTS operates on optimised frequency range for littoral ASW, including omni and sector transmission and enhanced waveforms.
CANDL provides safe data transfer and communication between multiple vessels and vehicles.
ARIS-E creates an electronic order of battle based on all detected signals.
MUSCL can simultaneously detect more than 100 targets at various ranges and altitudes.

Other solutions range from open-source intelligence and analytics, air surveillance and counter drone to anti-submarine warfare (ASW) sonar, acoustic minesweeping and radar systems such as electronic warfare (EW) and target analysis.

Systems has capabilities in land, sea and air simulators and joint live virtual and constructive (LVC) system development. We aim to offer turnkey system integrator services and enhance situational awareness by developing cost-effective and modular-integrated solutions. Current customers include defence branches, security markets and multiple international partners.

Anti-submarine warfare sonar

Sonac DTS is an ASW sonar system providing an optimal security solution for littoral ASW-operations. This dual-tow system operates in both passive and active modes and performs in both shallow and open water conditions. The system is designed to detect ranges up to 20km. The signal detection and processing allow for an underwater situational picture to be created, which can be further analysed with the comprehensive analysis tools of operation.

Data link systems for secure communication

CANDL is a data link security solution for communication situations requiring high reliability on ground, sea and air. The capabilities of communication, motion video and digital voice are integrated into a single software-defined radio-based compact airworthy terminal.

CANDL enables safe ground-to-sea and sea-to-sea ad hoc networking with non-line of sight (NLOS) capabilities. The system can create secure communication through all used network data transfer platforms such as naval vessels and aircraft.

Real-time electronic support measure

ARIS-E is an electronic support measure product for real-time interception and analysis of signals. The system employs all ELINT tools to create a tactical situational picture based on gathered signals and provide an electronic order of battle. ARIS-E builds an emitter library off gathered signals with which it is possible to detect, geolocate and identify previously known emitters. The system can detect a versatile range of emitters, including naval vessels, aircraft and ground vehicles. Through detected emitters, ARIS-E can create a situational picture of, for example, all naval army vessels and aircraft.

Passive radar system

MUSCL is a passive radar system that provides air surveillance for multiple uses. The system utilises signals as illuminators of opportunity, through which it locates and tracks targets at high altitudes and long detection ranges of up to hundreds of kilometres.

MUSCL can also detect stealth and small targets through multi-static receiving geometry and low operating frequencies, as well as low-altitude targets due to the exploitation of a dense network of broadcasting signals. Detected targets can range from small drones and ammunitions to larger naval aircraft.

MUSCL is invisible to adversaries’ signal intelligence and anti-radiation missiles, making it possible for the system to detect while avoiding detection. Through networked use of multiple MUSCL stations, the detection area can be increased. The main functionalities of MUSCL include mission preparation, air situational picture view, mission analysis and system status monitoring.

About Patria

With 100 years of experience in the defence and security industry, Patria develops next-generation defence technology approaches and security solutions. Our expertise is provided by more than 3,000 employed professionals, in several locations across Europe. Patria values innovation and continuous development of its operations and solutions.

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