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Naval RF and Fiber Optic Communication Systems and Equipment

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MPS, Inc. is a leading edge engineering firm that specializes in the design, development and manufacture of RF/Fiber optic components, modules, and subsystems. MPS fulfills multiple roles providing these hardware items including OEM supplier, design consultant, and contract manufacturer. MPS has been providing proprietary technology solutions to military agencies, defense contractors, research facilities, and commercial customers since 1997.

MPS is a privately held company whose strengths include Project Management, Operations Research, Design and Life Cycle Engineering, Quality Control, and Supply Chain Management. MPS maintains a professional and multi-disciplined engineering staff with the requisite skills to provide turnkey engineering solutions to the most demanding problems. MPS’s wealth of experience facilitates our commitment to providing a finished product that meets our customer’s expectations for cost, delivery, and performance.

MPS has provided RF/Fiber optic subsystems, modules, components, and embedded software that have supported various Air Force, Army, and Navy mission critical programs. Our products are currently in service with an assortment of DoD programs including the F-22 Fighter, Towed Sonar Array, UHF SATCOM Ground Station, Shipboard GPS Antenna Link, Shipboard Fiber Optic Data Multiplexing System (FODMS), and the National Fusion Ignition Facility.


MPS designs, manufactures, and markets an array of broadband and application-specific analog IF and RF/Fiber optic IFL subsystems under the OFW® series label. MPS’s proprietary technology makes our IFLs the logical choice when transporting radio and satellite communication signals between remote points separated by up to 20kms (refer to IFL Block Diagram). The OFW® IFL subsystems, coupled with fiber optic cables, provide the system integrator with the advantages of:

Custom fiber optic products.
OFW-3478D/Inmarsat/GPS IFL subsystem.
MP-5113/TX 5GHz optic link modules and MP-4235/TRX RS422 bidirectional optic link modules.
MPS designs, manufactures and markets an array of broadband and application-specific analog IF and RF/Fiber optic IFL subsystems under the OFW series label.
OFW-5800 shipboard GPS antenna link.
  • Low loss RF transmission (<0.35dB/km)
  • Ultra-flat attenuation vs. frequency (>10GHz of bandwidth)
  • Immunity to EMI and lighting surges
  • Isolation of red / black communication pathways

MPS offers a standard line of OFW® IFL subsystems that covers the following frequency bands: 5MHz – 200MHz, 50MHz – 1,000MHz, 500MHz – 2,500MHz, 0.1GHz – 5.0GHz, and 0.1GHz – 10.0GHz. In addition, MPS offers application-specific IFLs that can be customized to meet your requirements and specifications over various communication bands including: SATCOM at UHF, L-Band, S-Band, C-Band, and X-Band. As an example, refer to the OFW – 3478D Inmarsat/GPS icon.


MPS designs, manufactures, and markets a broad line of digital and analog IF and RF fiber optic link modules under the MP® series label. The MP® series includes transceivers, transmitters, and receivers. MPS’s fiber optic link modules are built upon a proprietary technology platform that enables our products to deliver unsurpassed performance over the entire spectrum of digital and RF communication applications.

The system designer, utilizing the MP® series of modules in tandem with other digital and RF hardware, can be guaranteed to engineer a cost effective solution for the most complex fiber optic transport problem. Digital protocol applications include such formats as: RS – 232, RS – 422, RS – 485, USB, Ethernet, and Fiber Channel. Radio frequency applications include: 70/140MHz IF, UHF, Trunk Radio, GSM, PCS, L-Band, GPS, X-Band, Radar Delay Lines, and Ultra-wide Band (1.0MHz – 10.0GHz). As an example, please refer to the MP – 5113/TX icon or the MP – 4235/TRX icon.


MPS designs, manufactures, and markets an extensive inventory of Passive Optical Network (PON) modules and components under the MPS® series label. The MPS® series of PON devices includes:

  • MPS – 2100: Inline Optical Attenuator
  • MPS – 2300: Optical Splitters / Combiners
  • MPS – 2500: Variable Optical Attenuators
  • MPS – 2600: Optical Mode Conditioner (Gigabit 1000 BaseLX, IEEE 802.2)
  • MPS – 2700: Wavelength Division Multiplexers
  • MPS – 2900: Optical Isolators

The MPS® series of PON devices can be sold separately or integrated into higher order assemblies. These assemblies can be configured to meet various performance specifications in order to be compatible with the customer’s form, fit, and function requirements.

MPS manufactures specialty and military qualified optical cable assemblies, such as harsh environment optical cables, small form factor optical harnesses, and M28876 and M38999 multi-channel optical cables. As an example, please refer to the custom products icon.

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