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Advanced Maritime Technologies


EvoLogics is a Berlin-based company focusing on the implementation of high-tech maritime products. The fields of competence of our international team of scientists and engineers cover key technologies, including high-performance underwater communication and sonar, underwater robotics, fluid dynamic shape optimisation, full ocean depth systems and low-noise propulsion systems.

Underwater data transmission and positioning

Let your marine systems benefit from EvoLogic’s intelligent underwater telemetry. The revolutionary Sweep-Spread-Carrier (S2C) technology provides optimum underwater data transmission.

S2C technology inside means unrivalled performance and reliability under virtually any underwater data transmission scenario.

Intelligent underwater telemetry

The Sweep-Spread Carrier (S2C) communication technology is now established as possibly the most accurate and efficient method for acoustic digital data transmission in tricky spreading environments such as a horizontal underwater (multipath) channel. In international independent comparison tests EvoLogics’ modems have beaten other players in terms of reliability and achieving the lowest energy consumption per effectively transmitted bit.

Advanced autonomous surveryance vehicle with high precision measurements, spectral analysis and georeferencing.
Fully integrated and autonomous telemetric sensor station.
Taking advantage of the S2C reliability and integrated positioning for operation of a ROV.
The S2C R modem family, with advanced features across the full range of applications.

The current S2C R family of modems and USBL systems represents a product range to cover all possible applications from short-distance and high-data rate to very long range (8000m) with superior reliability.

Since introduction, all the models have been tried in the harshest environments, from the shallow waters of the Baltic sea with its water layering, to the tropical waters of the sea of China and Singapore with snapping shrimp. In all cases the modems have achieved a 100% data transmission rate.

Hydroacoustic modems

EvoLogics offers a product line of S2C communication hydroacoustic modems. The main features of S2C hydroacoustic modems include:

  • High-speed data telemetry in both horizontal (shallow water) and vertical underwater channels
  • Working ranges up to 8,000m
  • Operating depths up to 500m (6,000m option)
  • Data rates up to 33kbps (20kbps option)
  • Guaranteed data delivery
  • Built-in error correction
  • Adaptive ‘in-situ’ communication algorithms
  • Rapid signal adaption works even under rapidly changing environments
  • Built-in relative speed and distance measurements
  • Signal integrity and multipath structure diagnostics
  • UW network-node functions
  • Robust modular design (OEM option)

S2C underwater telemetry system

Until now there have been various models of underwater telemetry systems, which achieved rather good performance in vertical or direct-path underwater channels but very poor performance working in horizontal multipath channels. Desired modem characteristics such as bit-rate and error probability were achievable only under simple channel conditions (direct-path signal propagation) but were not realistic for data telemetry under complicated conditions of variable multipath channels.

In contrast to others, the S2C technology has recently proven to be reliable for data telemetry under virtually any transmission scenario, keeping unrivalled performance. This creates an opportunity for numerous prospective users to increase the potential of their own applications, e.g. for AUVs to improve their survey efficiency, for underwater arrangements to extend their deployment areas, etc.

SC2 underwater data telemetry applications

The practical results have demonstrated conclusively the successful operation of our data telemetry technology for advanced sub-sea applications. The high technology UW-modems provide a completely new quality of acoustic data telemetry in underwater channels.

Applications include the installation of offshore infrastructure, combining the simultaneous data transmission and positioning capability of the modems. The modems have also been extensively tested in autonomous sensor stations, with very low power consumption, and for long-term applications.

Advanced applications include the deployment of relay networks with node-hopping and broadcasting features, combined with low possibility for interception features that provide concealed communication options.

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