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Outfittings, Interiors and Accommodation for the Naval Industry

Dutch Outfitting Group (DOG) specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of customised outfittings and interior equipment for a range of vessels, including commercial, navy and passenger ships.

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Dutch Outfitting Group (DOG) specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of customised outfittings and interior equipment for a range of vessels, including commercial, navy and passenger ships.

We offer an extensive line of bespoke panels, ceilings, floors and furniture, as well as accommodation facilities that have been carefully developed for naval industry applications.

All products are designed in-house by our team of experienced engineers to ensure they comply with the highest safety, quality and noise reduction standards.

Panels, ceiling and flooring solutions for commercial and navy ships

DOG is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, cost-efficient panels and ceiling systems for vessel interiors, which are carefully developed in accordance with European market demands and regulations.

Dutch Outfitting Group’s (DOG) bespoke products have been developed to meet the latest requirements of the European naval industry.
We provide an extensive portfolio of tailored furniture units in a variety of shapes and styles, which are developed and fabricated in-house by our dedicated design team.
Our in-house design team factor in a wide variety of practical and functional considerations during the development phase, ensuring clients are provided with the optimum solution to suit their individual needs.
DOG offers a line of rugged, easy-to-install floating flooring solutions featuring A60 fire ratings and high load-bearing capacity.
Our robust external door units have full SOLAS accreditation and can be customised via weather proofing and other project-specific adaptations upon request.
DOG’s dedicated production staff are able to deliver roughly 3,000 custom living quarter units per year from the company’s purpose-built manufacturing facility.
We offer a range of fully IMO and SOLAS certified mattresses and bed linen, which are woven with non-flammable TREVIRA materials to ensure maximum safety and durability.
Our heavy-duty toilet units can be supplied in either gravity or vacuum evacuation configurations and are manufactured in strict accordance with the latest industry specifications.
The company is able to fabricate furniture units out of a wide range of core materials depending on customers’ specifications, including MDF, plywood and aluminium, as well as other specialist materials.
Our made-to-order wall panels are available in a wide range of fire rating variants and can be manufactured with air-tight or blast-resistance capabilities depending on client needs.

Our robust products are designed according to customers’ individual project specifications, making them the ideal solution for installation on-board commercial, naval and cruise vessels, in addition to offshore oil rigs and refineries.

DOG’s tailor-made panelling units can be supplied with airtight and / or blast-resistant properties on request. They are also IMO / SOLAS certified and can be designed with a wide variety of fire ratings depending on customers’ intended application, including A0, A30, A60, M0, B15, B30 and C class.

Furthermore, the company offers a line of hard-wearing, A60 fire-rated floating flooring systems for marine applications, which are easy-to-install and feature high load-bearing capacities.

Customised furniture for naval ship interior

DOG is able to provide an extensive catalogue of furniture in various styles depending on the client’s needs.

Our furniture can be manufactured using a variety of core materials, including chipboard, MDF and tropical plywood, in addition to aluminium and other lightweight honeycomb systems.

DOG’s exclusive furniture products are totally unique and made-to-order by the company’s dedicated in-house design team, who pay special attention to all practical and functional details during the development and engineering phases to ensure first-class results and end-user satisfaction.

All our furniture is fully compliant with the latest IMO, SOLAS and MED quality standards.

Accommodation modules and containers for marine applications

DOG offers a large variety of bespoke, modular, plug-and-play accommodation units and passenger cabins for a range of environments such as cruise liners and offshore facilities, which are conveniently supplied ready to hook onto the platform or install on deck.

Our experienced team of 25 specialist engineers and 175 production personnel are able to fabricate around 3,000 premium-quality living quarter units a year in our purpose-built, 16,500m2 workshop.

We are also a leading designer and provider of all types of shipping containers, including standard systems for general sea-freight applications, as well as units tailored to meet customers’ unique operational requirements.

Weather-proof lighting solutions for harsh ocean environments

DOG’s cutting-edge lighting systems are specially developed for installation in critical environments, and can be supplied in heavy-duty protection configurations for explosions, weather, water or shocks to ensure long service-life.

Our catalogue of light solutions includes high bay, platform, flood, spot, street, marketing and emergency variants, as well as smaller portable systems for ad-hoc deployment during outdoor operations.

The company’s explosion and blast proof lights are supplied with a three to five year warranty as standard and meet all the necessary industry requirements, featuring high-grade IP66, RoHS, IECEX and ATEX approvals.

This range of lights also features a new and improved closure design, as well as a brand new light source to provide increased stability and reliability during operation.

DOG’s lighting systems are carefully developed with practicality and user-friendliness in mind, and the company has extensive experience as an OEM / ODM supplier.

Internal and external fire-rated doors for naval ships

DOG provides a wide array of heavy-duty, SOLAS-accredited doors, which are meticulously designed to meet the strictest European standards in terms of build quality, fire rating and noise-reduction capabilities.

We are able to develop durable, tailor-made internal doors for installation on-board both passenger vessels and offshore platforms and refineries with the following fire ratings:

  • H60
  • H120
  • A0
  • A30
  • A60
  • B0
  • B15
  • B30
  • C

We also supply a portfolio of external doors, which can be upgraded with application-specific properties such as weather proofing and airtightness on request.

DOG’s external door solutions are long-lasting systems that can be designed to comply with A0, A30, A60, H60 and H120 fire rating standards in accordance with project specifications.

High-quality equipment and fittings for vessels

DOG is able to deliver a comprehensive range of fittings and equipment such as rugged prefabricated sanitary / wet units for deployment on-board naval ships, which can be customised with a selection of convenient accessories based on customers’ unique requirements.

Our durable toilet units are fully compliant with the strictest safety and quality standards and can be fitted with either gravity or vacuum evacuation systems depending on the client’s preference.

In addition, DOG can provide anti-glare sunscreens, non-flammable and blackout curtains, galleys, mattresses and bed linen, as well as a variety of other ship interior items.

Our fabrics are woven with non-flammable TREVIRA materials, while all items are built to meet the latest industry specifications to ensure full IMO / SOLAS approval.

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