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Naval Loudspeakers, Headsets, Microphones and Emergency Handsets

For over 80 years, Vitavox has supplied the UK and MoD's worldwide with marine loudspeakers, handsets, headsets and microphones.

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Vitavox (a division of Secomak) has been manufacturing and providing proven military and naval communication systems to the MoDs for more than 80 years. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, Vitavox remain one of Britain’s very few true remaining defence manufacturers.

Working closely with BAE Systems, Vitavox re-engineered the loudspeaker that is currently in-service on the Trafalgar and Vanguard Class Submarine, to strict requirements relating to pressure, shock, electrical size and weight constraints. These bespoke loudspeakers were delivered to BAE Systems in January 2012 and are currently active on all Astute Class submarines.

In addition to this project, BAE Systems asked Vitavox to prototype and manufacture a receive-only headset for use on the Astute Class Submarine Programme. Within ten months the Vitavox team had fully designed, developed and delivered the 250 headsets required to meet all BAE Systems specifications.

Vitavox naval equipment includes:

Vitavox’s 3in 4W Rugged Loudspeakers are waterproof, shockproof, blast proof and designed to deliver clear speech in hostile and noisy environments. Three types are available; standard, lightweight and low magnetic.
Compact Submarine Dive Chamber Talkback Loudspeaker is hyperbaric, pressure, blast and explosion proof. It operates beyond pressure depths of 700m; acting as a both a loudspeaker and microphone.
The UHF Receive Only Headset is ruggedly designed for use as a ship’s main broadcast magnetic loop system replacement
TheType B60 Noryl Microphone is rugged and watertight. It designed for use in exposed conditions.
The LockCom: Submarine Dive Chamber Intercom System (DCIS) intercom consists of a pressure proof loudspeaker, waterproof broadcast loudspeaker, microphone and communications control unit.
  • Compact submarine loudspeaker
  • UHF receive-only headset
  • Main broadcast loudspeaker
  • Magnetic loop headset
  • Type B60 microphone
  • Type B90 microphone
  • Emergency handset
  • Submarine loudspeaker
  • 3in, 4W loudspeaker

Compact submarine loudspeaker

The compact submarine loudspeaker is intended for use on board military class submarines and submarines vessels as either external broadcast or as an intercom loudspeaker. The compact loudspeaker is weather-proof, pressure-proof and shock-proof and a bespoke version can be seen installed on the Astute Class submarine.

Main broadcast and intercom loudspeaker

The 2183/4 loudspeakers comply with British Standards and UK MoD specifications are and primarily used in both above and below deck environments where noise is a factor. These areas would include helicopter landing bays and near propulsion machinery. Either deployed as a loud hailer, broadcast speakers or intercom speakers, the 2183/4 models are both rugged in design and operate reliably in the harshest conditions.

These mil-spec loudspeakers are shock-proof, watertight, weather-proof (IP67) and combat proven on both land at sea. The loudspeakers are designed to be mounted to an armoured fighting vehicle (AVF) for use as a military grade loud hailer capable of withstanding the rigours of active service.

Submarine loudspeaker

The 41kg submarine loudspeaker is watertight to IP68 for indefinite submersion, shock-proof and pressure tight, making it suitable to use in external positions on submarines and submersible vessels. Designed to be used as either a public address loudspeaker, main broadcast loud hailer, intercom loudspeaker or as sound reproducing equipment, this loudspeaker will cover the most demanding ship situations. This submarine loudspeaker can withstand pressure beyond 69bar (703m) and can be mounted on a vertical support with cover hinge on top to ensure efficient drainage.

3in 4W loudspeaker unit

The compact loudspeaker is designed to provide exceptional and reliable speech quality in active military environments, both on land and at sea, while withstanding constant vibration and sudden shock experienced in training and on active operations. The 3in rugged loudspeaker is designed for continuous speech and tone burst on aboard all land vehicles and naval vessels. The 3in 4W loudspeaker is fully watertight and shock-proof of up to 70g force in accordance with DEF-STAN 92-557. The speaker is capable of continuous operations without failure or loss of sound quality and is ideally suited for use on critical communication channels.

UHF receive-only headset

The UHF receive only headset is designed as an alternative to the magnetic loop receiver systems currently active on naval vessels. The headset utilises the highest grade attenuating plastic to withstand the rigours of warship and submarine use, while also providing passive noise cancellation of background noise beyond 80dB. This ensures that critical broadcasts can be heard regardless of external sound conditions, making the headset suitable for high noise environments such as engine rooms and flight decks. The UHF headset was designed on request for BAE systems as a replacement for the magnetic loop system on the UK MoD Astute class submarine programme.

Vitavox provided a full design and manufacture service based on strict specifications developed by BAE systems.

Magnetic Loop headset

The Magnetic Loop receive only headset designed for use with current magloop systems on-board naval and marine vessels.

The Magnetic Loop headset provides noise cancellation of up to 80dB which conforms to current EU safety at work legislations on ear protection and enables crew members to receive clear audio instructions in high noise environments. The headset comes with controlled digital and analogue filtering modes to ensure the audio received is at the highest quality possible.

Emergency handset

The Vitavox battery-powered emergency handset is military grade standard and designed to be used as a back to up to all main communication channels. The handset is based on previously employed handsets but altered with additional enhancements reflecting user requirements.

With approximately 12 hours of constant use and a ‘press-to-talk’ switch, many ships use these handset as alternative communication channels, avoiding clogging the main broadcast communication system.

Multiple handsets can form a stand-alone, non-interfering communication channel that can be configured for different purposes. Up to 30 handsets can be connected on one emergency circuit.

Type B60 microphone

The B60 Microphone is completely watertight and robustly built to withstand shock, explosion and total salt water immersion. The handset is intended for use in potentially hazardous and explosive environments due to its high quality specifications. An ATEX Microphone is available with the same robust quality and waterproof capabilities.

Type B90 microphone

The type B90 Noryl hand-held Microphone, with press-to-talk switch, is completely proofed against any shock and vibration that may be encountered during any naval or military operational environments. This microphone is watertight (except for the noise cancelling version) and may be supplied with alternative cabling and stowage solutions. The B90 microphone comes in four different versions; rocking armature, carbon inset, moving coil inset and the noise cancelling inset.

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