Compact Talk-Back Submarine LoudspeakerThe Vitavox watertight, pressure-tight loudspeaker and talk-back microphone is a cone-type unit designed for use in external positions on submarines, including the bridge and dive chamber areas.

The loudspeaker is installed on the Royal Navy Astute class of submarine.


  • Used as both a loudspeaker and a microphone
  • Maximum power output 5W (peak 20W)
  • X-rayed to ensure casting composition and integrity
  • The pressure-tight chamber formed by a body casting of high tensile naval bronze (Nickel Aluminium Bronze NES 747 Pt2)
  • Tested to maximum shock testing limits possible by QinetiQ at Rosyth
  • Mounting via a vertical support or bulkhead to ensure efficient drainage of the speaker cone
  • Secured to the bulkhead by 6 x M10 or 3/8in studs
  • Effective form, fit and function replacement for the 5965-00-583-4106 Permanent Magnet Loudspeaker (NH200, C6518, LS450/B, LS450B, 815-1853087)
  • Twice the output volume
  • More ruggedised construction
  • No terminals exposed to seawater (corrosion free)
  • NOT subject to ITAR restrictions
  • Full UK design and manufacture