battery-powered emergency handsetThe Vitavox Battery-Powered Emergency Handset is based on previously employed handsets, but with significant enhancements reflecting user requirements.

Multiple handsets can be connected to a dual copper wire forming a standalone, non-interfering communication channel.

  • No requirement for power from any vessel systems
  • All power provided by PP3 9V batteries
  • Up to 50 handsets used in the same circuit
  • Approximately 12 hours constant use
  • Low battery warning pulse light
  • ‘Press-to-talk’ switch operated to enable speech
  • Provide direct communications between personnel
  • Each handset has call up and speech facility
  • The handset still operates if ship/ boat/ submarine incurs power failure
  • During speech, the call tone is locked out
  • Hardwired through standard two-wire copper cable
  • Call tone operated by two buttons located near earpiece and press-to-talk bar
  • Used where lines are not wired, for field use or ‘on the fly’ communication