main broadcast system Vitavox has utilised its experience and latest technical developments to offer a single source for all essential elements of the Main Broadcast System.

Where applicable, the system uses 19in computer racking.

The Vitavox Main Broadcast System is designed to be a fully integrated system capable of providing all requirements of a naval ship main broadcast system. It is based on known naval protocols and includes Vitavox products that are in service with the Royal Navy (RN).

Vitavox has been supplying components for Main Broadcast Systems for RN ships and other Navies worldwide since 1930. New components are constantly being developed to keep up with the technology available and the changing operational requirements.

Our R&D team has been involved either directly or indirectly with the design and development of all aspects of the internal communications systems on RN ships, including RICE 1, 2, 2E and 10. We, therefore, have a detailed knowledge regarding the system specification, design, standards and most importantly practical operational requirements.

Our products are also designed to comply with the stringent Defence Standards regarding Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Environmental Compliance, Shock and Vibration Compliance.

Many of our products have already been fully tested for use on RN ships and submarines.

The Vitavox Main Broadcast System utilises the standard 19-inch rack system for the central components such as the amplifier.