MBDA Holdings SAS is an integrated defence company that designs and produces missiles and missile systems for each branch of the armed forces (air, sea, and land). MBDA’s air-to-air and air-to-surface missile systems include short-range and beyond-visual-range fire-and-forget weapons designed for the safety of aircraft. The company’s products consist of man-portable and air-launched anti-armour weapon systems to support the soldier. MBDA also provides mine detection and clearance systems. For ground-based air defence, the company offers networked surveillance and control systems, as well as a layered architecture of short, medium, and long-range anti-air missiles. MBDA is associated with the naval air defence systems capable of defending against multiple attacks by aircraft and incoming anti-ship missiles. The company offers subsystem solutions in competence areas such as data links, warheads, rocket propulsion, fin actuators, mechatronic units, navigation subsystems, gas generators, weapon computers, and telemetry systems.