Trelleborg is a leading polymer solutions provider, offering tailor-made services designed to seal, damp and protect critical applications in challenging defence industry environments.

The company uses high-quality materials and technologies to help customers improve the performance of underwater platforms by developing functionality and increasing output.

Lightweight syntactic composite materials and passive fire protection

Trelleborg’s materials increase flexibility through their steady strength-to-weight ratio and lightweight characteristics. The company’s product range includes Eccospheres®, which are hollow glass microspheres, and its syntactic foam series, Eccofloat®.

Forming part of Trelleborg’s product collection is its Elastoshield™, which is used to shield cables and hoses from fire, while its flexible piping solution, Elastopipe™, offers resistance against erosion, eruption, impact and jet fires without the need for heat-treatment.

Trelleborg produces lightweight syntactic composite materials and passive fire protection for the naval industry.
The company has produced polyurethane coated fabrics that have been tested in more than 100 applications.
Trelleborg’s hoses provide underway replenishment (UNREP) solutions that are supplied with a wide range of connectors.
Trelleborg’s solutions provide acoustic and anechoic signature control, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation.
Trelleborg produces port security barriers, fenders and barges for many naval applications.
The company provides anti-vibration and shock mountings to protect defence platforms in harsh environments.

The company provides its own dampening, sound-reducing system called Firestop™ that helps clients protect their equipment against the harsh naval environment.

Acoustic and anechoic signature control for underwater platforms

Trelleborg develops a variety of products that aim to enhance underwater platform signatures through reducing radiated noise and acoustic size. Products include tiles, sonar supplies, RhoC and damping materials, as well as encapsulation solutions.

Thermal and acoustic insulation for naval applications

Intek® is a high-quality, lightweight thermal and acoustic insulation system that has an extensive operating temperature range and is simple to connect. It is used to protect equipment against fire, smoke and toxic chemical emissions.

Anti-vibration and shock mountings for harsh marine environments

Trelleborg’s range of D series, Super D and DX anti-vibration and shock mountings are typically used in vessels that require high-degree vibration isolation and shock impact protection.

The mountings have a variation of stiffness ratios to obtain the maximum vibration isolation result and lowest possible underwater noise levels. Additional buffers can be used to limit the movement of suspended equipment.

Naval underway replenishment hose systems

Trelleborg offers underway replenishment (UNREP) solutions that include adaptable fuelling and refuelling hoses supplied with a wide range of connecters.

The company’s Docker™, Magdala™, and Atlantis™ hoses discharge petroleum products in dock or barge facilities, while Trellsub® can be installed for outstanding signature performance on all high-pressure / vacuum fluid lines between hull and platforms.

Field-tested coated fabrics for vessel equipment

Trelleborg has a wide-ranging portfolio of field-tested coated fabrics designed for the naval industry. The products are made from material that has been tested in more than 100 situations to provide application-specific solutions to suit every requirement.

Port security barriers, fenders and barges for high-impact operations

Trelleborg’s port security barriers are inherently flexible, can be easily manoeuvred in water, and are designed for high-impact areas. Trelleborg’s low-pressure (LP) floating pneumatic fenders are designed to spread berthing forces over a large area, while they are easy to deflate and store.

The Trelleborg Dracone barge is an essential component in the ship-to-shore transfer of bulk liquids. These units provide a unique and easily accessible system of liquid storage and transfer.

About Trelleborg

With more than 40 global ISO-certified manufacturing facilities, Trelleborg can support projects with proven material and application expertise developed for demanding defence industry requirements.

The company’s solutions provide a competitive advantage to its customers by guaranteeing a long-term business partnership that helps optimise naval performance.

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