For over a century, Trelleborg has been developing innovative and custom-engineered coated fabrics for defence and government applications. As an expert in its field, the company produces materials for over 100 field-tested specifications.

Some of the end products created with our engineered coated fabrics include hovercraft skirts, inflatable boats, lighter-than-air aircraft aerostats, tactical gear and clothing, fuel tanks and cells, helicopter floats, aircraft ejection seat bladders, and rapid air decelerators.

Trelleborg takes pride in its extensive portfolio of proven engineered coated fabrics and its ability to develop innovative, application-specific solutions.

The company’s deep insight into customer challenges and application needs is what drives Trelleborg’s passion to secure and improve the functionality of customers’ products and systems.

We understand that lives are on the line, so we make it our business to provide the most innovative, high-quality materials. Trelleborg is a partner that can always meet your exact requirements.

Providing effective seaborne defence systems presents many unique challenges. Inflatable boat and port barriers provide a cost-effective, highly flexible and adaptable port security solution to protect sensitive assets from seaborne attack.

Trelleborg’s barriers are designed for high-impact, are inherently flexible and can be easily manoeuvred in water to the correct position.

The company’s low-pressure (LP) floating pneumatic fenders play an essential role in the safe berthing of ships at sea in an emergency or other operation such as refuelling.

Trelleborg LP fenders are designed to spread berthing forces over a large area, are easy to deflate and store, while they are durable and unencumbered by external fitting.

The Trelleborg Dracone barge is an essential component in the ship-to-shore transfer of bulk liquids. In sea-based situations, where a ship is too large to dock or the conditions are unsuitable, these units provide a unique, easily accessible system of liquid storage and transfer.

The Dracone barge is strong and reliable under harsh conditions, easily towered in open water, rapidly deployable, and adaptable.